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Penang Badminton All England Men Single Champions

Lee Chong Wei(李宗伟) is the current All England Badminton Men Single Champion for 2010. Malaysia have been producing All England Men Single Champion for some time since 1950. The 5 Malaysian All England Single Champion from Malaysia are:

1. Wong Peng Soon(黄秉璇) 1950,1951,1952,1955
2. Eddy B. Choong(庄友明) 1953, 1954,1956,1957
3. Tan Aik Huang (陳奕芳) 1966
4. Muhammad Hafiz Hashim 2003
5. Lee Chong Wei(李宗伟) 2010

Out of the 5 Champion from Malaysia, three of them are from Penang. They are Eddy B. Choong(4 times Champion 1953, 1954,1956,1957), Tan Aik Huang 1966, and the current champion, Lee Chong Wei(李宗伟)(2010).

1. Eddy Choong Ewe Beng (拿督莊友明)

Eddy Choong Ewe Beng (庄友明) (born 1930 in Penang) is a retired male Chinese badminton player from Malaysia. He is David Ewe Choong's brother and they played men's doubles together.

He was All England single champion for 4 times in 1953, 1954,1956,1957. Runner up in 1952, 1955. He was also All England double Champion for 1951, 1952, 1953, runner up for 1954, 1955, 1957.

He was included in the Badminton Hall of Fame in 1997, and the Badminton World Federation also bestows a special honour onto players, named Eddy Choong Player of the Year.

2. Tan Aik Huang (陳奕芳

Tan Aik Huang (陳奕芳) born in 1945 in Penang, is a retired Malaysian Chinese male badminton player noted for his superb footwork and patience. He was an ex-MBS student.

He won the All England Open Badminton Championships, then considered the unofficial World Badminton Championships, in men's singles in 1966. He was a singles finalist at the All-England for four consecutive years, from 1965 through 1968. He was a member of several Malaysian Thomas Cup (men's international) teams including its world champion team of 1967. Tan Aik Huang won numerous major international singles titles in the mid to late 1960's including the Danish Open, the U.S. Open, the Canadian Open, and the Malaysian Open. He won both singles and doubles at the British Commonwealth Games of 1966. His career in badminton waned sooner than what might have been expected as the demands of his chosen profession as a medical doctor came to the fore by the early 1970s.

Datuk Lee Chong Wei (李宗伟/李宗偉)

Datuk Lee Chong Wei (李宗伟/李宗偉), born in Bukit Mertajam, Penang on October 21, 1982.He is a professional badminton player from Malaysia who resides in Bukit Mertajam. Lee won the silver medal in the 2008 Olympic Games, thus becoming the first Malaysian to reach the final of the men's singles event and ending Malaysia's Olympic medal drought since the 1996 Games. This achievement also earned him the title Datuk, and a description by Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak as national hero.

As a singles player, Lee was again ranked first worldwide on August 21, 2008. He is the third Malaysian men's singles shuttler after Rashid Sidek and Roslin Hashim to achieve such a ranking (since official rankings were first kept in the 1980s), and is the only Malaysian shuttler to hold the ranking for more than two weeks.

Lee is also the reigning All England champion 2010.

Lee has won many international badminton titles in his career, including many Super Series titles. However, despite his status among the world elite, Lee has only managed to capture bronze (in 2005) at the BWF World Championships.

While we welcome Lee Chong Wei from Penang in becoming world No 1 male player, All England Champion; we also remember the other champions from Penang; and hope that Penang will always excel in sport and producing more champion. Penang, the No 1 sport state.

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