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Kimberley Street Street Food (汕头街的夜市)

Kimberley Street or Lebuh Kimberley, at night food street(汕头街的夜市)

Kimberley street is between Penang Road and Carnarvon Street in Penang.It is famous for its street food at night. Some of the stalls are with more than 40 years history, some have been there for 3 generations. I normally do not put comment on the food, as the taste of food depend on a person's favour, and the taste bud vary during the aging of a person, the materials used also changes with time. It is difficult to find the original taste of my chilhood days, the food prepared by the current owner's grandparents. But if a food stalls can survive for more than 40 years or survive for three generation, it indicated something. It must be gooooooooood...

Kimberley Street is my heaven during childhood days, a glass of soy milk that night will make the day different. Even it may not taste the same now, it has my childhood memory, and of many old Penang people.... the food still taste the same to me, not with my taste bud but in my heart........

The famous 4 stalls are around Kedai Sin Guat Keong, located at 86, Kimberley Street(槟城汕头街86号新月宫茶室). They start their business at 6.00p.m., except Char Koay Teow, earlier at 5.30p.m..The four stalls are;

(i) Char Koay Teow(炒粿条)– Stall outside Kedai Kopi Sin Guat Keong

(ii) Koay Chiap(鸭肉粿汁) - opposite Kedai Kopi Sin Guat Keong

(iii) Koay Teow Th’ng (粿條湯)- on the right of Si Ko Th'ng(Almond tea) stall

(iv) Si Ko Th’ng(四果汤) & Heng Jin Teh (杏仁茶) or Almond tea - on the right of Char Koay Teow stall

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Teochew Koay Chiap(潮州鴨肉粿汁)

This is a very popular stall since old days...

Koay Teow Th'ng - this koay teow th'ng is different, you can see they also sell the lor chicken, chicken wings, intestines and other organs.....

Swatow-kai-si-ko-th'ng -heng-jin-teh(槟城四果汤杏仁茶 )

Si Ko Th'ng(四果汤) but it is more famous for Heng Jin Loh or Almond tea(Heng Jin Teh, 杏仁茶). Heng Jin Loh is must try, as it has dissapeared fast as street food in Penang. It used to have one stall at Carnarvon Street in early 60s, just in front of se-teoh-kong-si, opposite Prangin Lane, but no more today. The middle age man sitting with red shirt , and smiling is the boss Mr Goh Cheng Hoe (档主吴清河)

Chee Chong Fan(inside Sin Guat Keong coffee shop)

Char Koay Teow (炒粿條)

The Char Koay Teow is fried without chilly, if fried with chilly it will look more colorful

There are other popular stalls, cross over the road is the Soy or soya bean water, Ah Seng Char Mee Hoon, Ah Hai koay teow th'ng, Wantan Mee ; opposite is newly opened air conditioned outlet Old House Cafe, converted from 6 units of old colonial houses, selling Penang street food in more cozy environment. Further there are few coffee shops selling various hawker foods....

So, spending the night at Kimberley street is a night of hawker food you will never regret.......

Note: For visitor who are new to Penang , Kimberley Street (汕頭街 or sua-toa-kay)is not Swatow Lane(汕头巷 or sua-toa-hang),the names are very close in Chinese language. Swatow Lane is between Burma Road and Hutton Lane, beside New World Park. But if you missed Kimberley Street, do not worry Swatow Lane is also a street food hub. There is good food there too.

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