Thursday, March 11, 2010

Jalan Bawasah(巴哇沙路)

Jalan Bawasah(巴哇沙路) is between Hutton Lane(near Jalan Hutton/ Jalan Larut junction), and Jalan Burma, behind the Giant Supermarket (formerly Penang Plaza), which also connected to Nagore Road, and until it reach the T junction with Swatow Lane, just opposite the entrance of New World Park. The road is L shape, starting from Jalan Larut until Swatow Lane.

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Bawasah is a Malay name. I was wonder why it was named after a Malay name, where all roads around the areas are named after places e.g Nagore, Swatow, Larut, Burma....The person must be a famous Malay personality in old Penang? Anyone know him?

The road is occupied by mainly offices and food outlets.

The road is short ,but there are few popular Penang food there, one is the Super Hokkian Mee(or prawn mee), located at the corner ,One Corner Cafe. The stall closed on Tuesday.

Another attraction is Mee Sultan,originally from Swatow Lane. Reported to serve the best pasembur and Mee Rebus in the island. It was located at 9, Jalan Bawasah. Pasembur is commonly called Indian Rojak. It contain vegetables, prawn fritters, fried tofu, shredded cucumber, hard boiled egg. It is then topped with spicy peanut gravy.

We went to Jalan Bawasah just to taste the Hakka Food at Hakka Connexion(客家欢), operated by the son of Tan Sri Wong Pow Nee. It was located at No.3, Jalan Bawasah. There is also a small museum on Tan Sri Wong Pow Nee. Tan Sri Wong is a Hakka from Balik Pulau family, but later the family moved to Bukit Mertajam. He was the former Chief Minister of Penang. The Hakka restaurant sell Hakka Mee, Pork leg vinegar, Abacus(Swan Pan Tzu), Lui Cha, Yong Tofu . I was surprised they also sell Foochow Ang Chau Mee Sua, Hock Chew Meat Balls etc

The small museum is worth a visit, as it exhibit photos of Tan Sri Wong Pow Nee, especially on Independence day and his life.

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