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Why Lim Guan Eng attended Anti- Lynas Rally?

Why Lim Guan Eng attended Anti- Lynas Rally

The Penang Pertubuhan Peribumi Perkasa (Perkasa) today refuted allegations that its members instigated a commotion which led to two media personnel being injured at the "Himpunan Hijau 2.0", held at Padang Kota last Sunday. Its chief, Mohd Rizuad Mohd Azudin said, their members were merely spectators at the green gathering but there were parties which provoked them upon the arrival of Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.(source:

Dr Teng Hock Nan, the Penang Barisan National Chairman told the press that Lim Guan Eng as Chief Minister of Penang should be responsible for the commotion in "Himpunan Hijau 2.0", anti Lynas Rally held at Padang Kota, Penang. This is because he did not informed police when attending the rally(source:

From the two press reports, the said parties who was involved in provocation in Anti Lyns Rally denied they are their members instigated a commotion in the peaceful rally. Their fingers pointed toward the Penang State Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng. Dr Teng’s logic was similar to CPO Penang , the one who did not reported to police was the cause of the trouble. The difference is that Dr Teng said as Head of Penang State Security Council and Chief Minister, Lim should have reported to police and request for police to maintain civil order when he come. The Penang CPO was questioning why the organizer of the rally did not ask police to maintain security order in the rally. The statement was just like playing around of chicken and egg; but the main objective is to blame Lim Guan Eng for his wrong to attend the peace rally without informing police.

Setiausaha Agung UMNO, Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor menafikan UMNO terlibat dalam kekecohan Himpunan Hijau di Padang Kota, Pulau Pinang pada Ahad lepas, yang mengakibatkan dua petugas media cedera.(Source: Bernama) and UMNO Penang said they are not involved and not sure the group wearing UMNO logo clothing/T shirt were UMNO members((source:

Did UMNO involve?

Readers who want to know the truth and see the pictures of the UMNO Youth Seremban can visit and various facebook and youtube posted by people who were in the rally.

More photo of their involvement in the Balik Pulau can be seen from their own facebook, Pemuda UMNO Seremban’s own facebook, and

The said group of Pemuda UMNO Seremban was reported the following comments in their facebook , The group(motorcycle convoy) was having gotong royong at Balik Pulau and left Balik Pulau to Padang Kota at 3.34p.m., 7.34 pm it was reported that there was little friction at Padang Kota, 12.39p.m. leaving Penang and was at Juru toll ( source from their own FB, )
The fact that Pemuda UMNO Seremban was at the Anti Lynas Rally at Padang Kota is a true fact, that no one can deny. The fact that they are representing a political party entering a peaceful people rally, no one can deny, unless you really cannot see that the video in youtube clearly shown they were there representing UMNO Youth. The question is why did the group representing a political party , having a rival view on Lynas issue, walking and pushing their way to the rally? What is the purpose of doing this, shouting slogan on the way, even the name of their political party?.......that is for themselves to answer. Another strange thing, why all the way from Seremban?. They are the uninvited intruders to the peaceful people rally, having a rival views.

Note: All the above video were taken before Lim Guan Eng arrived, did you see the commotion and provocation?

The true fact is Lim Guan Eng only arrived “after “ the commotion has started by the Perkasa and UMNO Youth(wearing the white cap of Pemuda Umno Seremban) . The rally started at 6.00p.m. The photo of their arrival and disturbance can be seen from the internet and youtube.

Why Lim Guan Eng come?

Lim Guan Eng did not come as representative of a political party. He did not wear DAP T shirt or wearing DAP cap. He only wear green shirt to show his support fro anti Lynas Rally. Lim come in his personal capacity and official capacity as Chief Minister of Penang to support the people rally.

In his personal capacity, he is linked to Kuantan in his early career. He had stay in Kuantan when he was working in the bank, prior to enter to politic. Prior to his political career, Lim was working as Bank Senior executive in Chung Khiew Bank, Jalan Telok Sisek, Kuantan. He has been living in Kuantan for sometime, like many Malaysian citizen who had worked in Kuantan, they have love for the place, they have been to the beautiful beaches beside South China Sea, naturally they have fond memory of Kuantan. They will not like to see the beautiful place being spoiled by pollution. I am sure Lim still remember the MPK field, the first proposed place for Kuantan Anti Lynas Rally. It was in early 80s, when the state mosque was still not built yet. He must remember " under the big tree", where he may have his dinner or lunch after his office hours. He may still remember the "salt fish street" just near his office. He may even remember his bank customers and kopitiam in Kuantan. That is the personal reason why he support Anti Lynas Rally in his personal capacity. He had lived in Kuantan in early 80s, he knew Kuantan. As a citizen, he has his personal right of association to support a cause he think worthy. We cannot deny his right of association to the cause of Anti Lynas Rally.

In his official capacity as Chief Minister of Penang, being a Chief Minister, he feel that he should be with the people of Penang, when Penang people provide moral support to Kuantan people. He represented the state to support the rally, there is nothing wrong. His right in his official capacity to be with the people who love him and who voted him in as Chief Minister of Penang.

There is nothing wrong when Lim Guan Eng who come to the peaceful people rally, he is merely exercising his right in his personal and official capacity. It is the intruders who come in to provoke and impart fear to the peaceful people, who is at wrong. When they are having different or rival view, why they forced themselves into the rally? obviously the action is not to support the anti-Lynas rally. Then it must be the opposite, to create trouble, it is clear cut....

Why Lim Guan Eng did not ask for police protection?

As Penang lang, we should know the style of our Chief Minister. He is a people minister, he always said the people will always protect him, he is not worry of his personal security. This is his personal style. He want to be close with his people. He want the police to spent more time to prevent crime. Not only Lim personally, his wife also move around without police escort, I have personally see her doing her shopping at Taman Free School morning market. Actually the Lim family can move peacefully in Penang without problem. Penang is a peaceful island. If not because of the rival politician created unnecessary tension in the state, when the gangster like activities are allow to continue in their way without restriction from their leaders and police. Lim and his family members can move freely in the state. The gangster like activities of the rival politician, I believed , was the main cause of their boldness in exercising and imparting fear tactic in Anti Lynas Rally. If the police had took stern action early in previous events, the said politician will surely restrain themselves. Without the consent from the top leaders, and with action taken by police, they will not be active and bold. That is why the police has been perceived by the normal citizen to be impartial (wrongly or rightly), reasons know to police themselves. It is time the police need to raise above politics, to improve their public image.

It is the duty of the police to protect Lim as Chief Minister of Penang, not only Lim , it is the duty of police to protect all the citizen. Police cannot escape from their duty even he did not ask for protection, it is up to police to find their strategy to protect him to suit his style. Being an established police force, the police should be able to come out with their plan. If the Prime Minister wish to walk into a rally by his own, will the police ask the same question? It seems Najib Razak is following the style of Lim Guan Eng……what should police do?....

Another question, the Deputy OCPD was in the rally, he was facing the same violence himself, a photo show him facing directly , an attempt to attack him physically in front of Lim Guan Eng's official car. The police was there, they have seen all happening. If they cannot even protect their Deputy OCPD, can they able to protect Lim Guan Eng with the boldness of the intruders?

Ultimately it is the duty of police to protect, to patrol, to prevent crime and civil unrest…. The police must fit the Chief Minister’s style, no matter how tough or difficult it is…. It is the duty of police to protect…..

When did Lim Guan Eng come?

The last question, when Lim Guan Eng come, the direct reason was, it was Chow Kon Yeow who call him, "after" the commotion by Perkasa and UMNO youth. He may want to be with his own people, and to calm the situation, and to prevent the rally become ugly. But he was not able to do so, when the said group was very provocative, even shouting abusive language at him, pushing to confront him. he give a normal speech to support the anti Lynas rally, with his personal style. The provocative group has the freedom of choice not to listen to his speech, as this is not their rally, they are only intruders. But they become aggressive, and shouting slogan, pushing forward; that ultimately resulted in the ugly incident. This is not our culture.

Let us talk less politic, is it the culture of Malaysia to behave in this way?

Who start the provocation and the ugly incident? the truth will prevail....

To understand the incident, readers need to read some articles from the newspaper and internet about the speech and behavior of the group , even prior to the incident in the state and outside the state.

The ultimate truth will be prevail, all lies will be the eyes of people, in the eyes of justice, and hopefully in the eyes of law.....and ultimately in the eyes of God.....

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Pray for a new Malaysia

The nation is sick, if the act of violence is accepted as a normal way of doing thing for ruling political party. Demon really go crazy for democracy(demon-crazy).

It is the time the leaders of political parties educated their followers on the rules of democracy, and the civilized way of voicing their opposition to rival groups. Looking at the comments left at the facebook of all political linked facebook, we Malaysian are all like XXX and xxx.....this is not a good model for our future generation from a political party.

Many lost their ways, and forget what is their purpose to become politician, to work for people or to work for their own ultimate hidden agenda....or to create chaos?... we not only need two parties systems, we need a third voice, a neutral voice...may be non-political voice in our parliament. The voice of people who have reasoning power, and not blindly following the instruction of the ruling government parties or opposition, the people representatives who can think beyond politic.

Love Malaysia is to protect the future of Malaysia, not destroy it....we must not follow blindly the masses, let reasoning prevail in our nation. Love Malaysia is to respect diversity, respect different people from various background, different people from various religion, different people from various political background..... because they are all fellow Malaysian.

We do not anticipated our country to become a Nazi nation, or cultural revolution era China; nor a country of racial , religion or political fanatic that lead to extremism. We do not want our nation to be like a cow boy state like the time of wild wild west, or military nationalism like pre WW2 Japan, where military power and force prevail. We pray that the country will not lead to that path....

Love Malaysia is to love other fellow Malaysian...even he is different, has different views....

We need to respect the fear and worry of fellow Malaysian , even when we are still comfortable in our surroundings. We need to respect their voices, to protect their homeland, their environment, and their families....

The role of police is to protect the citizen from any harm, regardless of race, religion or political orientation. Even regardless they ask for police protection or not. If the police need people to ask for protection before they can act, they cannot act even the civil unrest is happening in front of their eyes. Without the request for police's protection they are helpless. Then what is the purpose of patrolling? Citizen need to inform police, when violence or crime going to happen, and suffered damages or injured, if they did not inform police, the police cannot act? I wonder is it cover under their Garis Panduan or Police Act?. What is the logic?. For your information police was fully aware of the UMNO Youth Seremban motorcycle convoy in Balik Pulau(photo from the internet can clearly shown that police is aware of the situation). There is no reason when the 50+ UMNO youth members wearing a UMNO youth white caps entering the Anti Lynas rally site, the police was not alert on their intention(unless the said police is inexperience and not fit)for reason they know why. Any citizen at Speaker's Square know very well, what they were coming for?. They formed a human chain to avoid them from coming. A normal and reasonable person will go away if this happen, unless they have specific agenda. Even one YB hearing the innocent UMNO Youth Seremban boys asking for further instruction. Do you still need evidence to act, this is what I know legally call circumstantial evidence.

Chief Minister only came after the disturbance has started.

One of the plain clothes senior police officer(Deputy OCPD) was in the rally, and he was facing an act of attempt to attack him, but he was lucky it was stopped by others( a photo clearly showing him in front of Chief Minister car, defending himself). If any person attempt to attack police, is it a criminal act?. I hope the officer himself will speak the truth with all his heart. The truth is there were plain cloth police in the rally, even before the ugly incident started. We just pray that with the incident, police will able to stand above politic, and standing behind the people, truly a friend of people. (BTW, praise need to give to Kuantan police, for their ability to ensure peaceful rally in Kuantan).....Police themselves can give full and true evidence on the incident.

If you have seen one of the Lynas supporter(or UMNO supporter) shouting and using abusive language, charging at one senior age woman, you will know the group was intentionally trying to apply fear tactic to the peaceful innocent woman. I do not know in legal term is it a criminal act to apply fear? a criminal act of threats?.... but many people were worry on the situation, there was fear among the people present.

The incidents of damaging the official cars of Chief Minister, State Exco, even the private cars of opposition leaders. Is it an act of violence? Is it a criminal act to damage government properties?....the fearful sign is they are doing it openly...

The disturbance party (except for the 50 + Umno youth members from Seremban) was not new to civil unrest in the Penang state, they are familiar faces in Penang. Why this group of people was allow to act continuously without restriction and warning from their leaders. They are politician and member of political NGO or political party. We cannot understand, is it political agenda behind all the activities in Penang by them?. The past actions reveal their clear intention in the Anti Lynas incident on 26/2/2012, to discredit opposition led Chief Minister, Lim Guan Eng, their modus operandi revealed strong circumstantial evidence. It is also sad to hear recent news from Felda Gambang, one MP was also facing act of violence against her.

There were multiple acts of applying fear tactic by a group of "intruders" of peace rally....

Now with the current scenario, the path become narrow, and while going after our political goals, we forget the nation. We are not bold enough to change, to create a new nation of equal, fair , democratic.... because we have historical burden to carry...we may shout the slogan of change, but we are still not able to change, or just like a hypocrite, shouting an empty matter how much you pay to top public image transformation program... the mind still remain the same....

We are not able to see wrongs in any issues & action(e.g. cow issue, corruption issues, Lynas issue), we can only see political and communal issues. We cannot look above the political party when come to issues affect the nation or Malaysian. We like to play political games, not issue centered. This was manifested in the recent political debate and 226 Anti Lynas Rally in Penang, we love political games, even it is violence. It become our culture, political games become a sport, cheering when racial slogan was shout, religion sensitivity was raised.... we lost our senses of reasoning....and no longer God fearing....when the almighty treated all man as equal....the thrills of political games blinded our eyes and hearts....the trophy is the power to rule, power to money, power to be hero.....

We think last as Malaysian.

Sincerely hope that there will not be any political party based on race or religion, and based only on political philosophy and policies. This means race and religion will not be political issue, and only Malaysian political issues for political parties. Are we ready for that change, and take up the challenge for a change?.....the chances is slim at the moment. But we pray for more open minded Malaysian to lead the change.....

We cannot hear anymore lies, they may be able to escape, but they are wrong in the eyes of people, and in the eyes of God.....let them continue to play political games, we open our eyes to see, and wait for the election day. Even if we failed to vote them out, history one day will tell the truth.

What else you hope for? better pray for your country and your people, regardless of race and religion, this is the time to pray and vote for a better Malaysia.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Penang anti Lynas Rally

If you are from Kuantan, you will understand why so many people from all over Malaysia support anti Lynas rally. This is first time in history of Malaysia that all races come together for a green cause. Old and young, breaking the generation gap.

This is victory for democracy, this is victory for the people of Malaysian.

This is a peaceful rally....

Nothing to do with politic, but there are people who politicalized the event. Abuse the democracy of association and speech, attack a peaceful rally in Penang. Shame for democracy in Malaysia.....

There are people who think that the anti Lynas supporters are being used by political party, they are out of touch with the reality. They should move to stay in Gabeng, next to Lynas Plant. BTW, nearby Gabeng is peaceful Malay Kampong, near the beautiful beach... or may be should move to Chinese new village at Bukit Merah, near to the radioactive cleaning plant. Then you will feel the tempo and emotion of the people from Kuantan.

Kuantan rally was beautiful and peaceful.

A peaceful rally in Penang however was spoiled by supporters of ruling political party. Penang rally turn ugly, and this tell us that there are people who did not respect people right of association and speech guaranteed by UN Charter. There was Ministry of Defense exhibition held nearby, all the uniform units are there, the atmosphere was initially peaceful until the followers of ruling political party come, more than 50 of them. Their intention was not to hold another separate peaceful pro Lynas rally nearby, but instead walking and pushing into the crowds of people of anti Lynas rally, creating disturbance and problems to the anti Lynas rally, the peaceful atmosphere begin to turn ugly. Some of the supporters of anti Lynas rally hold their arms together and form a human chain to prevent them from coming in. They keep on pushing.....shouting slogan supporting Lynas, and their party....

Reporters were reported assaulted, and supporters was attack verbally with loud and abusive language to test the patient of the anti Lynas supporters. The anti Lynas supporters rightfully remained cooooooooool.......

The most ugly thing is the abusive language used to verbal attack the Chief Minister of Penang Lim Guan Eng, especially while his official car was moving out from the Esplanade field. They blocked the way to prevent the official car from moving out. The Chief Minister was being very cool and patient, a season politician he is.

Ironically, the anti Lynas Rally was held at The Speakers Square at Padang Kota Lama (Esplanade) Penang. A Speakers' Corner is an area where open-air public speaking, debate and discussion are allowed. The original and most noted is in the north-east corner of Hyde Park in London, United Kingdom. Speakers there may speak on any subject, as long as the police consider their speeches lawful. Contrary to popular belief, there is no immunity from the law, nor are any subjects proscribed, but in practice the police tend to be tolerant and therefore intervene only when they receive a complaint or if they hear profanity. Profanity is known as swearing, cursing, foul speech, and cussing, is a show of disrespect, a desecration or debasement of someone or something, or just the act of expressing intense emotions. Profanity can take the form of words, expressions, gestures, or other social behaviors that are socially constructed or interpreted as insulting, rude, vulgar, obscene, obnoxious, foul, desecrating or other forms. The Speakers Square guaranteed freedom of speech, the Anti Lynas Rally was initially peaceful until arrival of UMNO Youth Seremban members and the related NGO supporters.

But when the UMNO and Perkasa members entered the square forcefully and created chaos, expressing intense emotion, there was element of profanity, and shown of violence behavior. The plain clothes police in the crowd should have take action early, especially when the personal security of the Chief Minister of Penang is at stake. It is not necessary for the organizer or the citizen to report to police first. The duty of the police is to prevent civil unrest. The intention of Support Lynas supporters forcefully enter into the crowd of anti Lynas supporters, is a clear indication that they have no respect for freedom of speech and freedom of association at Speakers Square. Their intention to create troubles is clear, otherwise they will have gather at the location far from the crowds of Anti Lynas supporters, and practicing their freedom of speech without interruption of anti Lynas group. The intruders was not peaceful group but coming with clear agenda of disturbance. An experience police man will smell the malice intention fast. Moreover the group have been create the same civil unrest in Penang for some time. No clear action was taken against them for reasons known to the authority. (In Bersih rally, the action taken was fast). This group become very bold, with no respect to even the Chief Minister of the state. I wonder if these activities took place in other states, taking the same action toward their MB, will the state or police tolerate their action? is the duty of the police to protect the head of the state,no matter he call for protection or not.....

Another funny sign, is the more than 50 youngster wearing the UMNO white caps were clearly indicated in red writing that they are from Seremban. Why are they coming all the way from Seremban and involved in the affairs of Penang? We know very clearly who is from Negeri Sembilan, and they even shout that Lynas issue is not Penang issue, and why should Penang involve?.... Then we need to ask, why should Negeri Sembilan UMNO youth be involved in Penang state? It seems that there was a collaboration of Penang Perkasa with UMNO Youth Negeri Sembilan. The disturbance to anti Lynas rally was well planned in advance.

(Note: The said group(motorcycle convoy) was having gotong royong at Balik Pulau and left Balik Pulau to Padang Kota at 3.34p.m., 7.34 pm it was reported that there was little friction at Padang Kota, 12.39p.m. leaving Penang and was at Juru toll, source from )

Readers from other part of Malaysia and other part of the world can visited various websites and youtube for true story of the ugly incident.

A mature political party should respect the people rally, and know and understand the rules of the games. This is especially so for ruling party. This is a sham to Malaysia democracy, a political party did not respect the spirit of democracy. Just like demon go crazy, when the word of "democracy" was split into demon + crazy. Abuse of power and democratic right.

Another question to ponder is, why there was no problem in Kuantan and other places including Butterworth, but there was problem in Penang?......the readers should know the answer....the political agenda behind all the action.

The Chief Minister and one of the State Exco was reported their official cars were damaged slightly, is it an act of damage to government properties?....a criminal act?

226 incident in Penang was a sad chapter for democracy of Malaysia. Let the people judge with their eyes and heart ....and condemn the ugly act, and the violation of democracy and human right.

This is another face of ugly Malaysian....let us remember the day 226 in Penang.

Peanng lang, and all Malaysia lang, let us see the real ugly face of this, and remember to vote carefully during the coming election.

Anti Lynas Save Malaysia event turns ugly in Penang

Remember Lynas, remember Adam Baba and other reporters

A fight broke out as Penang Chief Minister, Lim Guan Eng walked down from the stage to meet Anti Lynas Save Malaysia supporters after his speech to about 500 people at Speakers Corner, Esplanade, Penang, this evening.

The person injured is a reporter by the name of Adam Baba who was treated at the General Hospital for head and hand injuries.

Video by Jimmy Leow, Citizen Journalist (CJ.MY)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Kuantan Anti Lynas Rally

Support Kuantan, love Kuantan

Today is anti Lynas Rally in Kuantan

Press Statement of Save Malaysia Stop Lynas (SMSL) February 24, 2012

SMSL urges the authorities to exercise restraint to allow citizens their democratic rights and to give them the space to peacefully express themselves in the forthcoming Sunday’s Himpunan Hijau 2.0 rally in Kuantan.

Chairperson of SMSL, Mr Tan Bun Teet explained, “The people have fought hard to stop Lynas and a number of other environmental problems. It is our duty as responsible and caring citizens to keep our country and our family safe.”

Earlier this month, a temporary operating licence was issued to Lynas Malaysia, a wholly owned operation of Australia’s Lynas Corporation,for its controversial rare earth refinery plant in Gebeng, an industrial estate about 20 km from Kuantan.

“We have tried every possible avenue and yet the Government has gone ahead with its bad decision which threatens our future. It is understandable that this will spark outrage and anger amongst people.” Said Haji Ismail Abu Bakar, Vice-Chairperson of SMSL.

He added, “Many families living in kampungs along the coast in Pahang will be directly affected once Lynas starts to dump its waste water into the South China Sea. These families depend on the seafood and tourism industry. They run small businesses to sustain their livelihoods. Who will want to buy contaminated seafood? Who will want to holiday next to a toxic plant?”

SMSL is disappointed that the Government has not taken on board grave concerns of the public which leave the people no choice but to take to the street to protest. The injustice is felt everywhere, not just in Kuantan but the whole of Malaysia. The good reputation of Malaysia is at stake over the handling of this issue.

The Lynas issue is a problem for ALL Malaysians. The pollution will spread over a wide area,even into our ASEAN neighbours through the South China Sea. Contaminated seafood and agricultural produce can create serious food safety issue not just for the people of Kuantan but to all the consumers of agriculture and seafood and seafood products. Air pollution from the Lynas plant can be carried far and wide by the north eastern monsoon wind.

Where will Lynas find a permanent location for its waste? Which state in Malaysia or which town in Pahang will be the next target?

Having a polluting industry will deter investment from clean technology and ethical companies which is the way of the future. Rare earth oxides are crucial raw materials but locating it in an ecologically sensitive area so close to so many families is a bad and regressive move.

“SMSL has engaged a strong team of experts to prepare for our legal action with the help of the Pahang Bar. We have strong grounds and we want to leave no stone unturned to present the strongest possible case. Letting Lynas operate is NOT an option.”

This Sunday, SMSL and our members and supporters will be gathering next to the site of the previous tennis court near Padang MPK4 at Jalan Kemunting to meet and greet our interstate supporters. We want to thank them in person for their tremendous effort and support to create a better future for Malaysia.

For Penang, it is at Speaker's Square, Esplanade, Georgetown @ 6 p.m.

Remember the time is 6 p.m.

Penang lang support Kuantan lang....

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


This is what Perak Anti-Radiation Committee (霹雳反辐射抗毒委员会)say about Kuantan Rare Earth plant, based on their experience in Bukit Merah.

What is Penang lang's view on the issue?

If you have forgotten about Bukit Merah, kindly visit the article on Mitsubishi Quietly Cleans Up Its Former Refinery,










Malaysia boleh...di Kuantan...

Sunday, February 19, 2012


How can we learn from USA Presidential Debate 2012?

This was a Republican President candidates debates or GOP Presidential Debate at Iowa, unlike the Chua-Lim debate, which is debate on a specific topic. The candidates are from the same party.

Can we learn from their political debate, on how the debaters presented themselves, and how the audience behave and disciplined themselves to listen to the speakers. This behavior was the respect to the speakers and as well as the organizer, and to the American people who are watching the program all over USA.

The 2012 Republican presidential primaries are the selection processes in which voters of the Republican Party will choose their nominee for President of the United States in the 2012 presidential election. There are 2,286 delegates to be chosen. A candidate must accumulate 1,144 delegate votes at the national convention to win

The Iowa caucus are an electoral event in which residents of the U.S. state of Iowa meet in precinct caucuses in all of Iowa's 1,774 precincts and elect delegates to the corresponding county conventions. There are ninety-nine counties in Iowa, and thus there are ninety-nine conventions. These county conventions then select delegates for both Iowa's Congressional District Convention and the State Convention, which eventually choose the delegates for the presidential nominating conventions

If you want to follow on the election, or to know more about USA Presidential election, please visit Republican Party presidential primaries, 2012,,_2012 or to

Iowa caucuses

The Iowa Caucuses are commonly recognized as the first step in the U.S. presidential nomination process for both the Democratic and the Republican Parties.
The Iowa caucuses are noteworthy for the amount of media attention they receive during U.S. presidential election years. Since 1972, the Iowa caucuses have been the first major electoral event of the nominating process for President of the United States. Although only about 1% of the nation's delegates are chosen by the Iowa State Convention (25 Republican delegates in 2012, assigned proportionately), the Iowa caucuses have served as an early indication of which candidates for president might win the nomination of their political party at that party's national convention, and which ones could drop out for lack of support.

To know more details of Iowa Caucuses, please visit their official website, or

By the way, "GOP" stands for "Grand Old Party," the nickname of the Republican party.

What we can learn from Taiwan presidential debate 2012?


This was also the video of recent Taiwan Presidential Debate 2012.

The election for the 13th-term President and Vice-President of the Republic of China (Chinese: 第十三任中華民國總統副總統選舉) was held in the Free Area of the Republic of China (ROC) on 14 January 2012.[2] The election was held concurrently with legislative elections. It was the fifth direct election for the President of the Republic of China. Prior to 1996, the President was elected by the ROC's National Assembly and not directly by the people.

Incumbent Ma Ying-jeou was re-elected as President with 51.6% of the vote. DPP challenger Tsai Ing-wen resigned her post as chairperson of the DPP following her election defeat.

What we can learn from Taiwan presidential debate 2012?

Saturday, February 18, 2012

This is not the political debate we want

The political debate between Dr Chua Soi Lek and Lim Guan Eng on 18-2-2012 was organized by the Asian Strategy and Leadership Institute (ASLI) and MCA’s Institute of Strategic Analysis and Policy Research (INSAP). This was only the second political debate in the country between senior Barisan National(BN) and Pakatan Rakyat (PR) leaders since opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s debate with then-information minister Datuk Seri Shabeery Cheek — was broadcast live on Astro.

The topic - “Chinese at the Crossroads: Is the Two-Party System Becoming a Two-Race System?”

But the debate anticipated highly by Malaysian turned up to be a political talk and not really political debate we anticipated at. Dr Chua was more vocal on attacking DAP as a party and Lim was merely repeating what he has been talking in the political dinners. We anticipate for high class political debate as it was organized by ASLI, and focused more on policy on two party system Vs Two race system like what happen in Sarawak in recent state election. Both speakers should have talk about their party's stance on the issue, and why the party support or against the two party system. What will be the outcome, and how the party is going to face it if the two party system become a reality in Malaysia. Why the two party can or cannot become two race system. What is the impact to the Malaysian if the two party system become two race system, and how the party is going to tackle it if it happen.

The standard of the debate was very low , not even comparable to the school debate. I happen to have a young relative who is in school debating team, he and his team mates gave low grade to the political debate. No standard at all... may be they should learn from the school debating team. It failed the expectation that Malaysian anticipated....

The moment the first speaker, Dr Chua started, it geared up to attack aggressively on DAP, the political debate was expected to go as normal political election campaign.

They did touch little about the two party system but only superficial without an analytical on the impact to Malaysia if two party system or two race system arise after the election. But Dr Chua was more on attacking DAP, and even on a former MCA President. Lim Guan Eng was only defending his policy in Penang. By the way, this is debating on national issue and not local or merely party issue, it is debating on your party stance on the topic given. It seems to be out of topic. We expected higher standard debate.

It was more like party propaganda, a pre-election political campaign.

Did the public debate help the audience to understand the view of the political parties?...

The standard of audience who asked the questions was low, asking irrelevant questions, and the supporters was not a matured enough to be in a political debate, giving praise to good debating points, and silence when necessary to listen to the speech. The emotional out pour of the supporters, mainly from MCA during the questioning time is unwanted. It was not a political fight but a political debate, where we should be like the two speakers, be a good listeners. No point to be emotional as this is not election day, the quality of audience was poor.

The organizer should has as for questions to be written, and screen through the questions to ensure the questions are relevant, otherwise it is wasting the time of majority of the audience.

The political parties concerned should disciplined their party members before the start of the debate, things to do and not to do. The organizer need to look at the rules to the political parties. Since this is political debate, we cannot avoid the attendance of their members. But they should have foretold this is not election campaign, it is only a debate, a discipline audience will help to crate a positive atmosphere to the debate. What happen if the emotion turn wild , then the democratic debate will turn ugly, and their supporters will become crazy and wild. Democracy become demon go crazy.....

Most of the audience who ask questions were from MCA, which is heavily biased, the organizer should be experienced to select the audience, representing both political parties, and neutral party. At this point I should say that Lim Guan Eng maintain his coolness, this is a plus point for him. Some of them seems to take the opportunity to impress their boss, hoping for a chance in next election?...

We have to congratulate Dr Chua Soi Lek and Mr Lim Guan Eng for participating in the debate, using the language they are not very good at. They are both English educated, but use Chinese as debating language. This we need to give credit to them. They will be remember for being man who dare to take up the challenge to provide a good start for the sake of democracy in the country. In a way, they both are winners.

Both speakers may have won in their way, but the political debate was a flop, not worth to listen on its content.....but as Lim GE had say it is a start, and hope the political debate will continue and become a norm in future.

Even the standard was considered low, I would say it was not bad for a start....

We expected the 2nd debate will be more policy and issue centered.

We also anticipated for more quality political debate, we know Malaysian will love it....

Remember debating is not public speaking, some political party may has well trained youth group with public speaking skills under training like Toastmaster; preparing for the coming election. But a good public speaker may not be necessary a good debater....or as good audience who know how to question.....a good debater do not need to be aggressive, yet your argument and reasoning win the heart of the audience... it is ability to present your view on the topic is not merely super public skills without substance...

We hope we will soon have a good political debating culture...

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Who will replace World Bank president?

Do you know in theory Asian or Non -USA sponsored person cannot be a President of World Bank.

Emerging market and developing countries have campaigned hard in recent years to break Europe's grip on the top position at the International Monetary Fund and the United States' hold on the presidency of the World Bank.

Officials from large emerging economies like Brazil said on Wednesday the selection process for Zoellick's successor should be based on qualifications and not nationality.

"There is no reason for the president of the World Bank to have a specific nationality," Brazilian Finance Minister Guido Mantega told reporters in Brasilia.

From yahoo news:

World Bank President Robert Zoellick said on Wednesday he will step down in June and Washington pledged to name a replacement candidate within weeks for a job that has always gone to an American.

The Obama administration said it would open the process to competition, marking the first time it has shown willingness to loosen its grip on the world's top development lender.

Zoellick took the reins at the Bank in 2007 after a staff revolt pushed out Paul Wolfowitz, and he moved quickly to return the institution's focus to alleviating poverty.

Developing countries have for years pressed for a greater voice in leading global financial institutions and are likely to stress the importance of a competitive process, but the United States is still widely expected to retain its hold on the job.

(source: yahoo news)

For your information in global politic, there was no democratic right.

There was a informal agreement:

Although the president is formally appointed by the bank's member nations, a decades-old agreement - which also allows major European powers to choose the head of the IMF - gives the United States the role of naming the World Bank chief.

Is it democracy that the western democracy advocate nations practices all this while. How about the chances of Asian, African and South American to hold the post for the world organization? No wonder USA had been manipulated the world financial system all this while in the past.....

There was discrimination in world body, where no open competition for the world financial top post, a monopoly by USA and its European allies, IMF and World Bank....

Where is the human right?.....another hypocrisy of the democracy and human right advocates of western world...

The next President of the world bank is going to be another USA candidate, despite their dismay of the Wall Street, New York and the poor financial performance of it a fair and equal opportunity in the world body for all? .....can they able to take the world financial body to the next era?....

I was just ponder, and will it be another disaster?....

Monday, February 13, 2012

Pseudo Election Campaign

Looking at the political scene , the pseudo election campaign have already started by both ruling and opposition parties, despite the Election Commission has not announced the election date.

The political talk show, and the political festival events, recently has produced two of the negative feedback. The foul mouth spokesman of opposition has caused him into problem with the pressmen. Being a scholar with PHD holder, he should know what to say and what not to say. he suddenly has overdo it, and offense the reporters. May be the young politician has been away from the country for too long, that he forget the important of reporters in the election campaign. He will surely gain less votes or lost his seat if he go for this coming election, if the relationship with the press is not amended.

The proxy of the ruling party has created the "White Ang Pow" incident. This old politician has been an MP for so many terms. Jumping from Barisan to Pas, and now an independent. He has been attending the Chinese New Year open house of his friends, supporters, and his allies for so many times, and he has never receive a white ang-pow. Either he has lost his past memory, or use the sentiment of Chinese new year as his election campaign to gain publicity for his personal political agenda, or to make news for his linked NGO, the action back fire. He will surely caused his master to loose some important votes, or even some seats...

From the two incidents, the voters must open the eyes to see who are the opportunists, who are the actors in the coming election. They may just only proxies for their master, they may or may not go for the coming election. Let them remain as an actor for their master in the political games, they are not fit to be a representatives of the people in the parliament. Please do not vote them in. There are more actors and opportunists to come, when election date become closer....some are big names.....

It is funny why there are so much monies from the government and political parties moving around, closing to election. There will be cheques sending from businesses and unknown sources into the account of political parties, either for the political campaign fund or some personal gain....this will not be disclose in our own eyes, it will be under the counter, without disclosure. That is why it is important to limit the election campaign expenses for each candidates, to avoid political corruption. The budget and actual expenses should be accounted for....may be to disclose their personal assets prior to and after the election day.

Other than the cow incident of federal level. the potential voters also must be aware of the two incidents happen in two of the states, Kedah and Pahang government.

Rebate money or kickback, "consultation fee" or even lobby money is common. if you are in government contract business, you will hear that generally the award was not given to the best tender or the best contractor who can do the work. That is why recently there were so many cases pending in the court on the corruption based on the government contracts, the largest being the Port Klang PKFZ case. This is the issue which has been around for a long time, big or small....

Pas-led state government is currently facing claims that some Pakatan Rakyat representatives in Kedah have sought 30% in “rebate money” from allocations Chinese associations received from the state government.(source: It has been reported that several Chinese association leaders claimed that the Pakatan representatives wanted a share of the allocations because of the role they had played in helping the groups secure them. If it is true, this will seriously affect the creditability of the state government and Pakatan Rakyat , and the chances of their retaining of the state in the coming election.

From Pahang, not only Lynas issue, come the news of court award related to timber related transaction. Pahang state was famous for Tengku Wong incident years ago, during Dr M's time, if readers can still remember. Some readers may remember about Rahman Ya'kub's disclosure on timber concession in Sarawak in Ming Court affair in 1987. Logging concession has been one of the main sources of cases of corruption in Malaysia. Timber land and Timber concessions are normally awarded to people with no connection with actual logging business. Except for some small concessions or small timber land, normally it was given to people with connections, either politically or otherwise. Timber land was alienated to individual or companies with low layout. The actual loggers need to pay a large sum of consideration to buy the right of logging from the land owners or concession owners. Without any financial outlays(if you can arrange for someone to pay upfront the land premium and related expenses), the concession owners can easily gain millions of dollars form giving the right to the loggers. The problem is why the timber concessions are not given to the ultimate logging companies, and it must go to the third party to enjoy unproductive gains. This type of the industry(timber industry) is the biggest source of Ali-Baba collaboration. The timber concession is the biggest source of revenue for state government. Dr M had done some positive work in the industry, but not completely erase the malpractice, with some shit still remain. It has been the modus operandi in the states since independence.

A 55-year-old man threatened to burn himself to death if the Pahang government does not pay the RM70 million in damages to his company, as awarded in a court ruling.(source: In a May 2007 decision by the Kuantan High Court, Seruan Gemilang Makmur was awarded RM37,127,471.60 in damages with eight per cent interest per annum backdated to December 31, 2000 after it won a breach of contract suit against the Pahang government and the state forestry director.The court ruled that state government and the state Forestry Department were in breach a of logging concession contract concerning the extraction of timber logs from a 10,000-acre plot of Umno-owned land in Mukim Bebar, Pekan district.

Voters, especially in Pahang must read carefully of the news, the case was a private business suit against a state government, for breach a of logging concession contract. The private business Seruan Gemilang Makmur obtained logging concession contract concerning the extraction of timber logs from a 10,000-acre plot of Umno-owned land in Mukim Bebar, Pekan district.

The land was owned by a political party, a ruling political party; and the awarding party is a state government. Unless the political party purchased the timber land in a arm length transaction(with financial consideration), and not obtain directly from the alienation of the state land. Is there any issue of legal complication or good state governance in the related or connected party transaction(from state government to a ruling political party)? let us ponder....if it is a business corporation(state government to ruling party link corporation) it will be in big trouble.... the moral of the story is why political party was involved in timber business? or owned a timber land?.....why compete with the ordinary businessmen for limited source of supplies in timber logging business?....

Lee explained that the company had spent about RM10 million to obtain a logging licence for the 10,000-acre land in 2001. However, at the end of 2002, the mentri besar had decided to stop issuing license to them. We do not know the detail of the case, but the High Court has decided for the damage award. The Court of Appeal, in reversing the Kuantan High Court’s decision, ruled that Seruan Gemilang Makmur had wrongly named the mentri besar as the respondent in the judicial review proceeding in the High Court to demand for the judgment sum from the state government.

State government and ruling political party were the stake holder in the case. From the court judgement, the victim of the case is a private business entity. Forget about the legal, remember about the big issue, why a political party was involve?

Some of the political donation may be from cases similar to the above two cases during coming election. Will it be political implicator for the coming state election?.

Voters, you must follow the cow case and the above cases, these are the icebergs floating in the sea, 8/9 of the actual story was not disclosed....

The big gun has lawyer to help them to escape from the legal barrier, and the transaction will look perfectly legal, but morally wrong in the law of God...

Why must the country allow the malpractice to carry on for so long...which increase our cost of production....unnecessary...with higher cost of production in the country due to corruption, political or commercial, we will not able to compete in the global environment sooner....

We need a clean environment, not only physical environment, but also clean political environment for the future....the non-corruption nation.

Your votes in coming election is very important. Look at the big issues, the election campaign is actually now on the move.....

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

We cannot see the wrongs in cow issue

If I was given a grant or banking facilities to built low cost housing, and I found that cow breeding is more lucrative, and I used the fund to buy cows.

Am I wrong?

Will the bank withdraw my credit line?

Have I comply with the terms and conditions of the grants?

how about the legal implication of my contravention of the objective clause of the company?

How the facilities was granted? is that any undue influence for granting of the facilities? Did the company has experience in low cost housing development? Is that any wrong in granting facilities to company without the core business experience? Is there any non arm length transaction or related parties transaction?

If the cows are all under the names of my father, my mother, my wife and my relatives, not the company's names. What will happen? Will the bank tell me that your are sucking out the company's fund.....for business purpose or for your private family members....

What is the conflict of interest?

What is related party transaction? is it a form of political or commercial corruption?

If all the cows died, who is responsible for the wrong investment? if the cows are all sold for large profit, who will gain from the extra ordinary profits?

Have the investment in cow breeding properly authorized? Have they obtain the consent of the grant giver for investing not for the purpose of the grant?

Is all the extraordinary gains full disclosed and channeled back to the company?

Is the investment speculative risky?

If it is not banking fund, but government monies, people it wrong to go against the purpose of the ultimate grant?.....if it is not your money,you are only a trustee for the government, can you use all the monies at your fancy?...

We may say all is right, all is legal, all is Ok; but is it really OK?

Where is responsible accounting and accountability?

Is the investment and expenses reported fair and reasonable for the core business?

Why when the country need urgently fund for domestic investment , the government fund was channeling out to other country?

Can you still trust them to continue with the money?

If the nation cannot understand the basic and fundamental of the issues... what happen to our society?

Is it stil OK?.....

Penang lang, you understand the cow issue? is more serious than the latest Chicken or KFC(kick, fight, the customer)issue....

Monday, February 6, 2012

Japanese occupation of Singapore

What is the story of Singapore related to Penang?

Singapore was the capital of the Strait Settlement(Penang,Singapore & Malacca) prior to World War 2. It was the location of the Strait Settlement political administration. Whatever happen in Singapore, politically influenced Penang. The fall of Singapore during WW2 was the stimulation of independence movement in Malaya after the British returned during British Military Administration period. The first time the people of Malayan realized that the superpower of western empire can be defeated by a new Asian military power.

The British Empire army was disgraced by the Japanese Imperial Army.....and they withdraw from Singapore, the last fort of their defense....

Some people joined and welcome the invasion of Imperial Japanese Army with the hope for the liberation of Malaya from Britain. But the 3 years and 8 months proved that that was wrong, and another colonial power imaged after the western colonial power had evolved.....

It was lucky there were some who see the actual intention of the new colonial power, Japan militarism, and were involved in the resistance movement, until the return of the British.

The part of the story was too sensitive in our national history, it was either hidden or erased from our history books by our official historian. Some may attempt to re-write the history based on their biased views.

You can search for the chapter of the history in the internet or other foreign source.

So a re-look of how the old colonial military power of British Empire, fell to another new colonial power, Japanese Imperial Army, remind us how value is our independence to the younger generations.

Preserve Our Heritage" - Jalan Sultan

The Land and Mines Department has given Jalan Sultan landowners a final date of 30th January, 2012 to negotiate with MRT Corp, before it invokes the 1960 Land Acquisition Act to acquire land and property for the purpose of constructing the RM40 Billion Klang Valley Mass Rapid Transit (KVMRT) which runs underground along Jalan Sultan.

What can you learn from the issue of Jalan Sultan? Will the incident one day happen to Penang?.....

Jalan Sultan is heritage to Malaysia, like Jalan Petaling, it has been going through the time with the development of Kuala Lumpur.

Penang lang , what is your feeling?......

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Jalan Sultan, Kuala Lumpur

Support Jalan Sultan, Kuala Lumpur

Thousands gathered at Dataran Merdeka yesterday(17-9-2011) to stage a display of unity, in celebration of the nation's progress in its 54 years of independence and 47 years of union with Sabah and Sarawak.

However, as dusk crept on, only a few streets away, a very different group of people gathered; not to celebrate the city's towering skyscrappers, but a humble national heritage in existence long before independence.

The cultural event held in conjunction with the mid-autumn festival, was entitled 'Safeguarding Jalan Petaling' but attention also shifted to Jalan Sultan as the buildings there face the looming danger of acquisition.

The organisers, the Kuala Lumpur-Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall (KLSCAH) and art activists believe that Jalan Sultan should be preserved together with Jalan Petaling as integral parts of Chinatown.

"Many people have a sense of belonging to Jalan Petaling because it is the Malaysian Chinese experience and even later on other races also began to reside here... We believe that Jalan Petaling, Jalan Sultan and Kuala Lumpur's heritage buildings must be preserved," said KLSCAH president Tan Yew Sing.

Full story:

Some 30 buildings to make way for MRT tunnel (Update)
Posted on 11 August 2011 - 02:25pm
Last updated on 11 August 2011 - 09:08pm

Meena L. Ramadas

KUALA LUMPUR (Aug 11, 2011): About 30 old buildings at Jalan Sultan here will be demolished to make way for the underground line of the proposed Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system.

However, new retail outlets will be built in some parts of the area, located in Kuala Lumpur's Chinatown, after the tunnel is completed.

Syarikat Prasarana Negara Berhad project development division group director Zulkifli Mohd Yusof said today the old buildings, some of which have existed for 100 years or more, will be demolished before construction begins for public safety.

However, he said the federal government intends to "maximise the potential" of the prime area and the public transportation system by building shopping outlets.

"It is part of the government's urban renewal project," he said at a briefing on the land acquisition process for property owners.

"Of course, we want to maintain the heritage of the area but inevitably, some parts will be affected. Sacrifices need to be made for development, especially one that is really needed in the country," he added.

At the briefing, property owners voiced their dissatisfaction and objection over the move to demolish the old buildings.

Bukit Bintang MP Fong Kui Lin submitted objections on the land acquisition at the area.

"The area is a vital tourist attraction and is a heritage site. It should be maintained in the interests of the community and nation," he said.

Administrator Judy Tan, 50, of the Lok Ann Hotel, lamented that the construction of the tunnel is at the expense of the heritage and culture of the Chinese people who had arrived here about a century ago.

"Chinatown represents the heritage, culture and identity of the Chinese community. I understand that sacrifices need to be made, but not at the expense of heritage.

"We are not against the development but we are asking the government to consider our requests," she added.

Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) trustee Datuk Rasammah Bupalan, 84, said: "Sometimes, money is not the only type of compensation that can be offered to the people. The government must also make certain sacrifices."

She urged Prasarana to engage with property owners to clarify their questions, which Zulkifli kindly obliged to do.

Several property owners had also questioned if the tunnel could be realligned to run below two empty lots which are currently used as parking areas to spare the demolition of the buildings.

However, Zulkifli said this change would require the tunnel to be built at a sharp turn.

"It would not comply with the requirements of having a 300 metre radius," he said.

Zulkifli also said according to the National Land Code 1960, properties that sit on the site scheduled for an underground development must be acquired by the government.

MMC-Gamuda Joint Venture (JV) geotechnical specialist Professor Dr Ooi Lean Hock said due to the age of the buildings, the condition of the structures are difficult to be ascertained.

"The buildings' vulnerability during the construction of the tunnel must be taken into consideration," he said.

The property owners will be compensated at the amount recommended by the Valuation and Property Service Department during briefing sessions which are scheduled to begin on Aug 15.

Owners who do not agree with the amount can appeal within six months of being awarded compensation.

The final proposed alignment was announced on July 8 which included changes to the route of the MRT line to minimise land acquisition in certain areas such as Kota Damansara.

The Jalan Sultan area will sport the proposed Pasar Seni station of the MRT line which will be situated at the current site of the Klang bus stand and the UDA Ocean building.

Construction on the 51km line will begin in November when the first tender packages are awarded. The project is expected to be completed in 2016 and commence operations in January 2017.

SPAD said the number of stations in the new alignment has been reduced to 31 stations from the original 35, seven of which are underground.

About 70% of the proposed alignment sits on road reserves and government land. The remaining 30% will have to be acquired.


Penang lang support the old residents of Jalan Sultan, Kuala Lumpur.

年十四 ,灯佑苏丹街

【年十四 ,灯佑苏丹街 】


【年十四 ,灯佑苏丹街 】

时间:8pm - 12am


呈现方式:邀请老街居民、个人(包括民众)或 团体的文化艺术工作者,从华人民间在年初十五元宵花灯节的概念出发,以灯笼和花灯为媒介,用静态(装置艺术、绘画等)或动态(音乐、舞蹈、戏剧、行为艺术等)的表现手法来­捍卫命运垂危的苏丹街。参与者可自行携带各自设计的灯笼或花灯,现场也会派发纸灯笼和祈福纸条给民众,在点亮之后挂满苏丹街。

Penang lang support residents of Jalan Sultan, Kuala Lumpur....