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Why Lim Guan Eng attended Anti- Lynas Rally?

Why Lim Guan Eng attended Anti- Lynas Rally

The Penang Pertubuhan Peribumi Perkasa (Perkasa) today refuted allegations that its members instigated a commotion which led to two media personnel being injured at the "Himpunan Hijau 2.0", held at Padang Kota last Sunday. Its chief, Mohd Rizuad Mohd Azudin said, their members were merely spectators at the green gathering but there were parties which provoked them upon the arrival of Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.(source:

Dr Teng Hock Nan, the Penang Barisan National Chairman told the press that Lim Guan Eng as Chief Minister of Penang should be responsible for the commotion in "Himpunan Hijau 2.0", anti Lynas Rally held at Padang Kota, Penang. This is because he did not informed police when attending the rally(source:

From the two press reports, the said parties who was involved in provocation in Anti Lyns Rally denied they are their members instigated a commotion in the peaceful rally. Their fingers pointed toward the Penang State Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng. Dr Teng’s logic was similar to CPO Penang , the one who did not reported to police was the cause of the trouble. The difference is that Dr Teng said as Head of Penang State Security Council and Chief Minister, Lim should have reported to police and request for police to maintain civil order when he come. The Penang CPO was questioning why the organizer of the rally did not ask police to maintain security order in the rally. The statement was just like playing around of chicken and egg; but the main objective is to blame Lim Guan Eng for his wrong to attend the peace rally without informing police.

Setiausaha Agung UMNO, Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor menafikan UMNO terlibat dalam kekecohan Himpunan Hijau di Padang Kota, Pulau Pinang pada Ahad lepas, yang mengakibatkan dua petugas media cedera.(Source: Bernama) and UMNO Penang said they are not involved and not sure the group wearing UMNO logo clothing/T shirt were UMNO members((source:

Did UMNO involve?

Readers who want to know the truth and see the pictures of the UMNO Youth Seremban can visit and various facebook and youtube posted by people who were in the rally.

More photo of their involvement in the Balik Pulau can be seen from their own facebook, Pemuda UMNO Seremban’s own facebook, and

The said group of Pemuda UMNO Seremban was reported the following comments in their facebook , The group(motorcycle convoy) was having gotong royong at Balik Pulau and left Balik Pulau to Padang Kota at 3.34p.m., 7.34 pm it was reported that there was little friction at Padang Kota, 12.39p.m. leaving Penang and was at Juru toll ( source from their own FB, )
The fact that Pemuda UMNO Seremban was at the Anti Lynas Rally at Padang Kota is a true fact, that no one can deny. The fact that they are representing a political party entering a peaceful people rally, no one can deny, unless you really cannot see that the video in youtube clearly shown they were there representing UMNO Youth. The question is why did the group representing a political party , having a rival view on Lynas issue, walking and pushing their way to the rally? What is the purpose of doing this, shouting slogan on the way, even the name of their political party?.......that is for themselves to answer. Another strange thing, why all the way from Seremban?. They are the uninvited intruders to the peaceful people rally, having a rival views.

Note: All the above video were taken before Lim Guan Eng arrived, did you see the commotion and provocation?

The true fact is Lim Guan Eng only arrived “after “ the commotion has started by the Perkasa and UMNO Youth(wearing the white cap of Pemuda Umno Seremban) . The rally started at 6.00p.m. The photo of their arrival and disturbance can be seen from the internet and youtube.

Why Lim Guan Eng come?

Lim Guan Eng did not come as representative of a political party. He did not wear DAP T shirt or wearing DAP cap. He only wear green shirt to show his support fro anti Lynas Rally. Lim come in his personal capacity and official capacity as Chief Minister of Penang to support the people rally.

In his personal capacity, he is linked to Kuantan in his early career. He had stay in Kuantan when he was working in the bank, prior to enter to politic. Prior to his political career, Lim was working as Bank Senior executive in Chung Khiew Bank, Jalan Telok Sisek, Kuantan. He has been living in Kuantan for sometime, like many Malaysian citizen who had worked in Kuantan, they have love for the place, they have been to the beautiful beaches beside South China Sea, naturally they have fond memory of Kuantan. They will not like to see the beautiful place being spoiled by pollution. I am sure Lim still remember the MPK field, the first proposed place for Kuantan Anti Lynas Rally. It was in early 80s, when the state mosque was still not built yet. He must remember " under the big tree", where he may have his dinner or lunch after his office hours. He may still remember the "salt fish street" just near his office. He may even remember his bank customers and kopitiam in Kuantan. That is the personal reason why he support Anti Lynas Rally in his personal capacity. He had lived in Kuantan in early 80s, he knew Kuantan. As a citizen, he has his personal right of association to support a cause he think worthy. We cannot deny his right of association to the cause of Anti Lynas Rally.

In his official capacity as Chief Minister of Penang, being a Chief Minister, he feel that he should be with the people of Penang, when Penang people provide moral support to Kuantan people. He represented the state to support the rally, there is nothing wrong. His right in his official capacity to be with the people who love him and who voted him in as Chief Minister of Penang.

There is nothing wrong when Lim Guan Eng who come to the peaceful people rally, he is merely exercising his right in his personal and official capacity. It is the intruders who come in to provoke and impart fear to the peaceful people, who is at wrong. When they are having different or rival view, why they forced themselves into the rally? obviously the action is not to support the anti-Lynas rally. Then it must be the opposite, to create trouble, it is clear cut....

Why Lim Guan Eng did not ask for police protection?

As Penang lang, we should know the style of our Chief Minister. He is a people minister, he always said the people will always protect him, he is not worry of his personal security. This is his personal style. He want to be close with his people. He want the police to spent more time to prevent crime. Not only Lim personally, his wife also move around without police escort, I have personally see her doing her shopping at Taman Free School morning market. Actually the Lim family can move peacefully in Penang without problem. Penang is a peaceful island. If not because of the rival politician created unnecessary tension in the state, when the gangster like activities are allow to continue in their way without restriction from their leaders and police. Lim and his family members can move freely in the state. The gangster like activities of the rival politician, I believed , was the main cause of their boldness in exercising and imparting fear tactic in Anti Lynas Rally. If the police had took stern action early in previous events, the said politician will surely restrain themselves. Without the consent from the top leaders, and with action taken by police, they will not be active and bold. That is why the police has been perceived by the normal citizen to be impartial (wrongly or rightly), reasons know to police themselves. It is time the police need to raise above politics, to improve their public image.

It is the duty of the police to protect Lim as Chief Minister of Penang, not only Lim , it is the duty of police to protect all the citizen. Police cannot escape from their duty even he did not ask for protection, it is up to police to find their strategy to protect him to suit his style. Being an established police force, the police should be able to come out with their plan. If the Prime Minister wish to walk into a rally by his own, will the police ask the same question? It seems Najib Razak is following the style of Lim Guan Eng……what should police do?....

Another question, the Deputy OCPD was in the rally, he was facing the same violence himself, a photo show him facing directly , an attempt to attack him physically in front of Lim Guan Eng's official car. The police was there, they have seen all happening. If they cannot even protect their Deputy OCPD, can they able to protect Lim Guan Eng with the boldness of the intruders?

Ultimately it is the duty of police to protect, to patrol, to prevent crime and civil unrest…. The police must fit the Chief Minister’s style, no matter how tough or difficult it is…. It is the duty of police to protect…..

When did Lim Guan Eng come?

The last question, when Lim Guan Eng come, the direct reason was, it was Chow Kon Yeow who call him, "after" the commotion by Perkasa and UMNO youth. He may want to be with his own people, and to calm the situation, and to prevent the rally become ugly. But he was not able to do so, when the said group was very provocative, even shouting abusive language at him, pushing to confront him. he give a normal speech to support the anti Lynas rally, with his personal style. The provocative group has the freedom of choice not to listen to his speech, as this is not their rally, they are only intruders. But they become aggressive, and shouting slogan, pushing forward; that ultimately resulted in the ugly incident. This is not our culture.

Let us talk less politic, is it the culture of Malaysia to behave in this way?

Who start the provocation and the ugly incident? the truth will prevail....

To understand the incident, readers need to read some articles from the newspaper and internet about the speech and behavior of the group , even prior to the incident in the state and outside the state.

The ultimate truth will be prevail, all lies will be the eyes of people, in the eyes of justice, and hopefully in the eyes of law.....and ultimately in the eyes of God.....

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