Monday, February 6, 2012

Japanese occupation of Singapore

What is the story of Singapore related to Penang?

Singapore was the capital of the Strait Settlement(Penang,Singapore & Malacca) prior to World War 2. It was the location of the Strait Settlement political administration. Whatever happen in Singapore, politically influenced Penang. The fall of Singapore during WW2 was the stimulation of independence movement in Malaya after the British returned during British Military Administration period. The first time the people of Malayan realized that the superpower of western empire can be defeated by a new Asian military power.

The British Empire army was disgraced by the Japanese Imperial Army.....and they withdraw from Singapore, the last fort of their defense....

Some people joined and welcome the invasion of Imperial Japanese Army with the hope for the liberation of Malaya from Britain. But the 3 years and 8 months proved that that was wrong, and another colonial power imaged after the western colonial power had evolved.....

It was lucky there were some who see the actual intention of the new colonial power, Japan militarism, and were involved in the resistance movement, until the return of the British.

The part of the story was too sensitive in our national history, it was either hidden or erased from our history books by our official historian. Some may attempt to re-write the history based on their biased views.

You can search for the chapter of the history in the internet or other foreign source.

So a re-look of how the old colonial military power of British Empire, fell to another new colonial power, Japanese Imperial Army, remind us how value is our independence to the younger generations.

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