Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Love Lane II

This is the part of the road, Love Lane; between Farquhar Street and Muntri Street.

The portion from Muntri Street to Farquhar Street is called Si-chi-ka-lai-pei-tong-pung
(十字架礼拜堂边) which means the side of the church, as the Church of the Assumption is at the entrance from Farquhar Street.

This portion is not an exiting part of the road, most of the road is occupied by the school (St Xavier's Institution or SXI) and church(Cathedral of Assumptions).

There is merely a row of residential double storey houses, some have converted into budget hotels for back packers.

We found one house just after the Argus Lane, a beautiful decorated house with nyonya wall tiles and floor tiles. There is also a beautiful front door, carved with typical Chinese design. It is called Heng Heng.

Immediately cross the Steward Lane and Muntri Street junction, is located an old hotel on the left, Wan Hai Hotel(环海旅社).
The narrowest corridor or five foot way in Penang, on the side of the hotel at the Steward Lane.
Walking into the corridor,and slowly walk to the end at Love Lane, you are like walking into the past of Penang. It was reported in the oldest day, people who landed at the port nearby, will stay at the hotel.

Listen carefully, the hotel may tell you about the love story of the past, and what happen in Love Lane. The love story of the Serani girl and the colonial staff who met at the Church of Assumptions each Sunday; the love story of SXI boy and Convent girls who met each other while walking to schools together in this lane; the story of the man and the girls in the hotel....... and moreover the beach is walking distance from Love Lane, just across the Farquhr Street, beside the Convent School. You can still hear the girls and boys are laughing at the beach?

Just be still, and listen.....who said there is no love story in Love Lane?

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