Friday, January 22, 2010

Bad taste for politicalize the dragon boat tragedy

The dragon boat tragedy is a sad incident in Penang island. There were 6 people drown in the incident, it was an accident no one expected. The Chief Minister LGE was right for comforting the families first, instead of talking about who to blame, and why this happen.

It was bad taste, when some former state politician from the opposition parties took the opportunity to attack the state government. They begin to politicize the issue. They take the opportunity to immediate start their game.

It was totally disrespect to the victim's families; can they wait for a few days after the funerals? Did they understand the Chinese culture for the funerals to go in peaceful manner,without talking about politic?

The 5 victims are the best brain from the reputable Chung Ling High School, where all Penang people were sad that the tragedy happen to them. They are the best students from the best school in Penang. All of us are sad, the teachers, the fellow students, even the Chief Minister himself. Why the opposition politician has no heart for the victim and start attack and bring in politic so soon, it is of no good taste....

The issue can be raised in the press, raised in the state assembly, but let the victim families find comfort and let their sadness be over first.

Bad taste, really bad taste for politician who are to serve the people.....

Look at our CM, and even the federal politician(same party with the state opposition) are saying comforting words to the families; sharing the sadness with the families; encouraging them to carry on. Even the young people know how to share the moment with the families.

The experienced politician who are in politic for some time, some may be YB, Dato; without humility to give time for the victim families a period of recovering from sadness. How these politician is going to serve their people, I wonder.

Shit, ha mit Penang lang, ar ne quan(what type of Penang people), ..... bo xin(no heart).....

Shame(British), shit(American) , and Penang people will said Kau sai(dog shit)......

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