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Chowrasta Market(吉寧仔萬山)

Chowrasta Market or Chowrasta Bazaar(吉寧仔萬山)

Map of Jalan Kuala Kangsar & Chowrasta Market

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Chowrasta Market is called "Kelinga Bangsan" by local Hockkien Chinese. Bangsan(萬山)in Chinese is market place. Kelinga is corrupt term for Keling, literally it means "Keling Market". The name Chowrasta comes from Urdu language, meaning " four cross roads". The building is located with facade facing Penang Road, and the rear facing Jalan Kuala Kangsa, left is Tamil Street and right is Chowrasta Street, thus four cross roads.

It is a wet market located in the building facing or opposite the Penang Central Police Station. The old building which has been dismantled, was built in 1890 by the Commissioner of Municipality of Georgetown, now MPPP(Majlis Perbandaran Pulau Pinang)with the cost of RM16,471. In 1920, there was extension in the Penang Road side. That may be the reason why is is called Kalinga Bansan, and the Lebuh Tamil still remain, the Indian Muslim are selling fish and meat(mutton, beef) there.

The Street Market( 江沙律早市巴剎)

The street market is outside the building. It is a larger square area between Kimberley Street (汕頭街)on the east and Campbell Street( 新街 )in the west,along Jalan Kuala Kangsar (瓜拉江沙路, 吉寧萬山後街)in the south, Penang Road(槟榔路) in the North. There are two roads joining the Jalan Kuala Kangsar, Lebuh Tamil (淡米尔街)and Jalan Chowrasta(吉寧萬山街)The busiest street market is at Jalan kuala Kangsar, and Jalan Chowrasta. The Lebuh Tamil are mainly shops opened by the Tamil community.

There are two coffee shops in Jalan Kuala Kangsar(吉寧萬山後街)which are popular breakfast shop in the area. One is at the corner of Jalan Chowrasta/Jalan Kuala Kangsar, just beside the pork shop. The other is more popular shop opposite the shop, but more crowded, Soon Yuan(順園茶室). There is another coffee shop at Jalan Kuala Kangsar , and an open air eating place at Jalan Chowrasta.

The best Penang food are found in the old market place, like Chowrasta Market, others being Pulau Tikus, Jelutong, Anson Road, Air Itam, and Rifle Range Flats Market. Look at the crowd, and it is the indicator of its popularity. You still can found some originality there.......I still remember the curry mee I had eaten at Jalan Kuala Kangsar, a street stall owned by a mah cheh, sitting at the long bench fronting the stall, enjoying the hot curry noodle, sweating on the face, whcih indicate good curry noodle, kau jua kay bi sor(enough chilly, enough taste). I still have fond memory of that ......and I really missed it.....

The coffee shop which is popular in Chowrasta Market, Soon Yuan(順園茶室).

It is packed, especially on weekend

Lam Mee

Hockian Mee or Prawn Mee stall

A bowl of prawn mee

Curry Mee Stall

A bowl of curry mee

Wantan Mee stall

Chee Chong Fan stall

Chee Chong Fan, anyone?

Look at the crowd

Koay Teow Te'ng stall

Fish balls

Kampong Chicken with vegetables

A bowl of Koay Teow Te'ng. My wife said this is the best Koay Teow Te'ng in Penang.

View of the coffee shop from Chee Chong Fan stall

The coffee shop was formerly a pork shop, called Soon Yuan(順園茶室)

The pork shop opposite the Soon Yuan coffee shop

This man sell living fishes

cutting and cleaning the fish sold

Soy or soya bean water. The yellow and green thing in the boxes are he-ya-kea, a street food which is rare now.

Char Mee Hoon or Fried Mee Hoon stall at Jalan Kuala Kangsar

Lebuh Tamil, only street with the shops of Tamil Muslim

Lehuh Tamil shops, owned by Indian community, less busy

The view of the entrance from Kimberley street, the background is Komtar.

Fish monger

Ham Chee Pen with glutinous rice filling

The Ham Chin Pen stall

This is the entrance from Cambell street, turning to Jalan Kuala Kangsar

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