Monday, January 4, 2010


This is 2010

My old blog has no capacity for photo posting; and it is limited for good blog. Need to say goodbye for a while to my old blog. I have been blogging for nearly a year. There are sweet and sour memory. The support of followers, and doing my part to help some readers; that keep me going.....

The latest articles in my old blog were more on informative type, on happening in other countries, the people who are suffering, the human right violation, refugee ; and may be a little reporting format. As facilitator to alert the readers what is happening to the world around us, as a global citizen in borderless world; but we may missed as we are busy in our daily commitment. My main interest is still heritage in Penang. But the recent visit to Vietnam gave me some inspiration, to look out for knowledge base tour, to know the place better; their history, their buildings, their people...and may be their problems..... the main spirit behind all articles is human touch, a simple human touch. I hope you will like it.

2009, my grandma passed away, the part of my life have been lost. It is not only me, the part of the generation that had contribute much to our life, our city and our history. It was painful to say goodbye, but she lived a good life, tough but satisfying, and she gave the best in all her life. It was a worthy walk in her life of 98 years, ya, a good life.....

Another reason for blogging is to keep my brain working after retirement.

This is the continuous of my previous blog, for the year 2010. The blog will be mainly about Penang island, Malaysia.

For those who do not know where is Penang Island, I will tell you more later.

If you wish to know me, about my previous blog articles, please visit, Life in Penang , is more than beautiful. I hope you will find it enriching.....and enjoy it.

Happy New Year

Welcome 2010....


I am sad that I cannot down load the pictures of the Penang street that I have taken.

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