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New Mayor of Colchester is from Penang

The New Mayor, a Penang SGGS student

Congratulation to Helen Chuah, for being appointed as the Mayor of Colchester, UK

Still remember writing about her being appointed as Deputy Mayor of Colchester in my blog article dated 24th August 2010, with title “ Helen Chuah – Deputy Mayor of Colchester 2010-2011. After writing the blog, I sent an e-mail to her to congratulate her for her appointment and told her that I am proud of her, as Penang lang. She replied to my e-mail and the letter was posted in my blog, to inform Penang people, that we have a proud girl from Penang who had done well in oversea. The e-mail was posted in my blog dated 23-12-2010, titled “ A letter from Deputy Mayor of Colchester, UK( ex student from SGGS) “. The Penang girl from the famous school, SGGS(St George's Girls School ), the missionary school that just celebrated the 125th Anniversary on 10 October 2010.

St. George's Girls School, is a secondary school for girls located at Jalan Macalister, George Town, Penang, Malaysia. Established in 1884, the school currently caters to approximately 1300 students from Form 1 to Form 6. The abbreviated name for the school is SGGS with the pupils known as Georgians. SGGS is one of the best school in Penang. Mayor Helen Chuch completed her secondary education and left the school in 1967.

St. George's was started by the Colonial Chaplain's wife. The official opening took place on 7th January 1885 at "The Manse", which stood by the northern beach at Farquhar Street. With Miss R.A. Shackleford as its first principal, the institution offered an English education to the sheltered daughters of Penang society, and today is the alma mater of many eminent and illustrious ladies who have made their marks both in Malaysia and the world. Her alumni included Her Royal Highness the Raja Permaisuri of Perak, Tuanku Bainun, Lim Beng Hong @ Mrs B.H. Oon(the first Chinese woman to be called to the English bar in 1926), Khoo Salma Nasution(President of Penang Heritage Trust or PHT) and many others. Now it included Mayor Helen Chuah as one of the proud Georgians.

To her classmates, to her family members and many Penang people who known her, Mayor Helen Chuch is Chuah Gaik Choon, a typical Chinese girl from Penang.

COUNCILLOR Helen Chuah, who is currently the Deputy Mayor , will be sworn in as Colchester's Mayor 2011-2012 on 18-5-2011. At a formal ceremony at the Moot Hall next Wednesday, Ms Chuah will take the badge and robes of the office from outgoing Mayor Sonia Lewis. Her escort will be partner Councillor Mike Hogg, a former Mayor himself, while Councillor Christopher Arnold is to be elected Deputy Mayor.

Her partner Michael Hogg, was the Mayor in 2001, is the first citizen of Colchester Borough Council and acts as Chair of the Council. Helen Chuah will be the 1636th Mayor, and the first Mayor of Colchester born outside the country.

Helen Chuah told the local reporter from NST, "It is a pity that my father who served in the Merchant Navy and also in the police force, is no longer with us. He was the one who encouraged me to read and pursue my education. He loved history and ceremonies. He would have loved the Mayor Making ceremony. He would have been so proud,". I am sure Mr Chuah will be proud of her daughter's achievement.

As she walk into the hall for her sworn in ceremony, may be she can still remember the school song or perhaps hear the melody of her school song singing by the students of St. George's Girls School.....with the blessing from people of her home state, Penang....

SGGS School Anthem

Seniors and juniors all gathered here,
Together we march on without a fear,
Goodwill and happiness we want to spread,
Every day's a challenge let's go right ahead.

Onwards we move towards the light,
Resolved are we to face the fight,
Giving our best from day to day,
If there's a will, there's always a way.

Around the bends of life we'll have to turn,
Near and far fond thoughts will always burn.

St. George's, St. George's,
We'll ever proclaim,
Honour and uphold you
Forever praise your name,
St. George's, St. George's,
We'll always be true,
Our dear St. George's Girls' School.

Her school will be proud of her; her family will be proud of her, and all Penang people will be proud of her....

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