Monday, May 2, 2011

Election warm up talk still on communal line

MCA President Dr Chua Soi Lek has warned the Chinese community that their support for the opposition may cause no Chinese representation in the ruling government. Dr Chua had criticized the SUPP for still accepting government positions in the Sarawak after the latter was badly thrashed in the recent elections.

Why MCA did not ask Gerakan to avoid cabinet seat; I still remember the President of Gerakan said the same thing during the Political Tsunami of last election, if I still can remember.

MCA is now using communal politic tactic to start its election campaign. Some community viewed the warning as a threat to Chinese community. MCA by using racial tone in salvaging their political strength is a desperate move , and may be this will be their last strike, they will possibly followed the steps of SUPP, Gerakan and SNAP.

The two party system is going to stay, despite MCA has the fear that it will become the scenario of Malay dominated ruling party and Chinese dominated opposition party. Malaysian know the scenario will be unhealthy, if Malaysian still thinking of political maturity of pre- merdeka or early independence days of 50s, 60s, 70s, or even 80s, where communal parties was the norm of the days. But the days are long gone, Malaysian are going for multiracial political parties, not parties based on race line.

If there is no Chinese representative in the cabinet, so what? even with representative in the cabinet, the interest of the community was also not protected. What is the use of having racial representative. It is time to throw away the parties based on race, to follow the call for " One Malaysia" Concept as started by the Prime Minister. The first step is to think Malaysian, not Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazan or Iban.

Racial politic will not have market for the future generation and the young voters; they are more educated, and more access to information. They are having the common issues, regardless of race, religion, and education background.

What is "race baiting"? It is the term used in as a synonym for "playing the race card" in American politics to refer to situations where one politician accuses another of being a racist. Race baiting is any form of speech, actions, or other forms of communication, to anger, intimidate or incite a person or race of other people or in simplicity, the making of verbal attacks against members of a racial group.

The party that accused that the other parties are using "race baiting" tactic; but they are now using proxies, thinking that most Malaysian are blind to their tactic.If it is in the opposite direction, some of the proxies will have been under ISA detention. Why the impartiality? is clear that it depend on which direction you are in. If you are in the right direction, you can talk anything you like, without any action taken by authority. The picture is very clear.

I was surprise when the Chinese premier come visit Malaysia, he also call for support of "One Malaysia", despite the disrespect of small country to welcome in wrong writing in the welcome banner. I remember historical event of the late Prime Minister Tun Razak's visit to China in 1974, which paved way for the establishment of Malaysia-China ties. On 31st of May 1974, Malaysia was the first Southeast Asian state to effect official ties with China But the most important was that Tun Razak dissolve Parliament on his return to Malaysia after his China visit. General elections 1974 were held in Malaysia between 24 August and 14 September 1974, alongside state elections in all states except Sabah. The result was a victory for Barisan Nasional (formerly the Alliance Party), which won 135 of the 154 seats. I was thinking that the same tactic will be repeated to make use of Premier Wen Jiabao's visit for coming election to gain votes from Chinese community.

China's Premier Wen Jiabao visited Malaysia on April 27 & 28. His high profile visit to Malaysia was marred by an embarrassing banner at a welcoming ceremony. The Chinese text on the banner contained several grammar and syntax errors. The said banner was prominently displayed at a podium near the Prime Minister's Department in the federal administrative capital for the official welcoming ceremony Premier Wen Jiabao, the Prime Minister of a country with 2nd highest GDP. The sentence in Malay was: "Istiadat Sambutan Rasmi Sempena Lawatan Rasmi TYT Wen Jiabao Ke Malaysia" (Official welcoming ceremony in conjunction with official visit of His Excellency Wen Jiabao to Malaysia). Literally translated, the Chinese words read: "Official welcoming ceremony, with him Wen Jiabao His Excellency's official visit Malaysia". the translation was done by Google Translate, instead of consulting an official language interpreter. It was a shameful day for all Malaysian....

I do not know whether the ruling party will make use of Premier Wen Jiabao's visit as the strategic tool for the coming federal and state election. Otherwise the opposition will have a good time making use of the issue to ridiculous the efficiency of the current government. The tactic will backfire.....

What the Chinese community, especially urbane Chinese's concern is the national issues; no longer the communal issues. the corruption, the government governance, the efficiency, the fairness, the protection of their rights, the quality of education, transparency etc.... If the ruling parties are still thinking that they can use communal issues as a base to attract back the votes of Chinese community, they are wrong.

If you put non-Chinese in Chinese constituency, if the candidates are fighting for the same national issues that appealed to the community, they will still votes for him, regardless of their racial background. One fine example is the Kapal Singh in Chinese dominated constituency.

MCA President Dr Chua Soi Lek's statement will backfire, giving a slap on the One Malaysian campaign, talking about the issue going against One Malaysia Concept, how can you threatening the Chinese community, using communal line. The voters will not buy it, surely......he will see the swan song of either his Presidency or his party.....

It seems that he can see his future very clearly....

1Malaysia stresses national unity and ethnic tolerance. The 2010 values of 1Malaysia as articulated by Najib Razak are perseverance, a culture of excellence, acceptance, loyalty, education, humility, integrity, and meritocracy.

Lately there are so many politicians, talking on racial line; I am wondering why the One Malaysia Concept did not make us talk more like it facing failure to even convince their own politician?....

The country can no longer move forward based on communal line; otherwise it has no future, when globally people are looking less at their skin and religion differences when cyber technology are maturing to borderless society, where nationalism may become less sensitive to the younger generation, the Y generation.

Why?......they will ask.....and cast their votes....

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