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Wayne Siao Wei Yuan(萧维元)

Wayne Siao Wei Yuan(萧维元, b1910 – d2001 )

He was in Penang from 1953 to 1985, most of the time as educator of theology, training pastors and church workers.

Wayne Siao (萧维元), was born in China. Wayne Siao received his higher education in Hong Kong, and became the first local principal of the Baptist Theological Seminary in Penang.

Born in China in 1910, Siao was only 6 years old when his father, a pastor, died. His mother then moved the family to Canton where she enrolled in the Pooi-In Baptist Women's Bible Institute.

Siao was educated by Baptists as well. He studied at Pui Chang Baptist Academy and then enrolled in Shanghai Baptist College, known later as the University of Shanghai.

Siao graduated from the University of Shanghai in 1932, after which he served as a teacher and principal at Baptist campuses in Canton, Hockshan, Pingshek and Hong Kong. He left China in 1949 along with thousands of others who feared the rule of Mao Tse Sung. He resided in Macao until 1953.

The Penang Baptist Church was founded in 16th August 1953. At first, only 29 brothers and sisters along with Rev. Strothez. Rev. Ho Lo Chee, Madam Tan Siew Lean and Mr Wayne Siao whole-heartedly built the church.

Siao served the Baptist Theological Seminary in Penang as an instructor and dean from 1954-55 and 1970-76. He served as the seminary's sixth and first Malaysian national president from 1977-85.

Siao was a 1959 graduate of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas.

After retiring from the presidency of the Penang seminary, Siao assisted in establishing the Chinese language division of Singapore Baptist Seminary.

When Wayne Wei-Yuan Siao died on 29th November 2001 from complications of a stroke in an Arlington, Texas, hospital, at age 91,

Siao's most significant contribution to theological education was his translation of theological books, totaling nearly 7.5 million Chinese characters. He produced most of the manuscripts from 1953-69 while serving as the translation editor for the Orient Baptist Theological Textbooks Committee.

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