Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Deforestation in BUKIT RELAU FOREST RESERVE, Penang

The video is from youtube, with the following message:

This video is to highlight the deforestation activites which are going on in Anjung Indah,Balik Pulau,Penang.As a true Penangite from heart,i was truly disgusted seeing this utter destruction of a nature reserve going on in my paradise island.I felt that if I remained mum,this injustice will continue on,and as like many other forest reserves in the country,it too will succumb to the wrath of chainsaws.I urge the government of Penang,which is truly committed toward making Penang a cleaner,greener state to look into this issue seriously and take the necessary steps to curtail such activities.

Let us keep Penang green for the future!SAVE BUKIT RELAU FOREST RESERVE!!Thank you for watching.

Music:Dead Reckoning~Clint Mansell

This video should let us awake from the over development of our hills in Penang. Is there any control on the hill slope development?.....

Not only Balik Pulau, hill slope development at Paya Terubong is another potential for heavy landslide.....

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