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Water Pollution in Penang

Golden Sand become Black Coal Sand...due to the pollution of the river going down stream...

Sungai Emas become Oil River, Sungai Minyak.... the curry oil from the Nasi Kandar restaurant nearby,and even the immigrant workers; the motor oil from the workshop; the rubbish and garbage from our own Penang lang reported by a local newspaper.

I still remember Golden Sand Beach Hotel, the Hotel Rasa Sayang, Hotel Casuarina; that is the Hard Rock Hotel of our days, in the seventies. During the time, there were not many hotels, especially 5 stars hotel with swimming pool. The Penang Chinese Swimming Club and Penang Swimming Club need membership, the swimming pool of the hotel is in the open, some time we students may be able to swim without the notice of the hotel staff....

Batu Ferringhi (Foreigner's Rock) is a strip of beaches on the northern coast of Penang, Malaysia. Along this famous beach area, there are numerous large hotels, restaurants, transport rental services, and souvenir stores. Batu Ferringhi are located adjacent to Teluk Bahang and Tanjung Bungah. This is the tourist belt of Penang.

For tourists, Batu Ferringgi features hotels such as Golden Sands Resort, Grand Plaza Parkroyal Penang and Shangri-La Resorts. It is also famous for its Night Market.

In the seventy, there was no night market; we can camped at the beach from Batu Ferringhi to Teluk Pahang(no hotel then, the first Malaysian Scout Jamboree was held there in late sixties). Oooo, that was my old Penang; my Batu Ferringgi... camping days...the beaches are clean and white and really golden.

Concerns about Penang beaches: Past comments but still valid
State Tourism Development Committee chairman Teng Chang Yeow said he was informed of the matter by the management of Malaysia Airlines. "The number of tourists from these regions has been steadily declining over the past decade" and "Tourists come to the state for the surf and sand but they usually return home disappointed. We are even losing out domestically to Pangkor and Langkawi" "Rivers will be cleaned up and illegal outlets draining sewage into the sea will be connected to a treatment plant by 2009."

Association of Tourist Attractions Penang (ATAP) chairman Eddy Low said "We strongly discourage food courts or stalls being set up or built near the sea to prevent the dumping of rubbish into the sea and around the area. " He said there should also be a massive plan for a central sewerage system so that waste would not go to the sea. There is also a need to protect the outer islands such as Pulau Jerejak, Pulau Rimau and Pulau Aman. "It is important for us to maintain these islands which are still pristine and untouched by pollution."

I need to ask the CAT, who are going to clean our river and beaches?....the YB in charge of tourism, the CAT in charge of environment; where are they?....How did you allow the problem to this should be treated as problem of urgency for Penang. But thanks to YB Teh Yee Cheu of Tanjong Bunga, who are with the reporter to highlight the pollution problem in Batu Ferringhi. We hope that the CAT state government will give him the support to clean Batu Ferringhi.

Then what are the federal government department doing? DOE and DID.....conflict of role ah? any federal fund for cleaning the rivers?

There is no time for politic play play lah; it is a national issue; federal or state,it is your duty for Penang. Penang need federal fund to be allotted for cleaning our rivers, we need to make our rivers and our beaches clean again..... If politician still play politic, even you are outside Penang, gua poh Penang lang know what to do in next election, voted against them.... hey, you pay tax to finance the government, to work for people, not to play politic.

If you are concern of river pollution, join Water Watch Penang. We appreciated some CAT are doing active role in the cleaning of the river, but the focus need to be on the urgency of rivers that flow to the beaches.... as the tourism is state revenue source... it should be of prime urgency. The publicity of the state as tourism destination may be affected.

Penanglang, talk talk useless; do you allow the river to be polluted in front of your eyes; the resident association can initiated to adopt a river near the area, and initiated an education program to residents(especially immigrant workers) around the rivers, watch out for any act of pollution and report it to DOE or state authority. Penang lang need to take care of Penang, as this is our home. Avoid throwing rubbish and pouring dirty oily water into the river.

Love our river, start with ourselves; love Penang river, means love Penang. Anyone pollute the river is the enemy of Penang. Please report them to the authority. I wonder if any pollution of river by immigrant workers, can be considered an act of disrespect to the nation, and legally can be sent home?...

Save our river, save our beaches...Penang lang na si boh kieu lann ae kangkia(sungai), tor be hu liau..(It will be too late if no action taken by us)....

DOE(Department of Environment)

1. Jabatan Alam Sekitar Pulau Pinang
Tingkat 5, Wisma Peladang
Jalan Kampong Gajah
12000 Butterworth
Pulau Pinang

Tel : 04-3334441
Faks : 04-3316078

2. Jabatan Alam Sekitar
Cawangan Bayan Lepas
Unit 4.3 Kompleks Mayang Mall
Bandar Bayan Baru
11900 Bayan Lepas
Tel : 04- 6432112
Faks : 04- 6430692

Web Sites:

DID(Penang Drainage and Irrigation Department or abatan Pengairan dan Saliran Pulau Pinang)

Department of Irrigation and
Drainage Penang
Paras 55, KOMTAR, 10000, Jalan Penang
Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.

Department of Irrigation and Drainage Malaysia (DID)

Official website:

(JPS Careline 1-300-80-1010)

North East District
Department of Irrigation and Drainage North East District Negeri Pulau Pinang
Paras 29, KOMTAR 10000
Jalan Pinang, Malaysia

South West District
District Engineer Office
South West District
Jalan Sungai Burong,
11000 Balik Pulau,
Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Central Seberang Perai
Department of Irrigation and
Drainage Central
Seberang Perai
Block B, Kompleks I.A.D.P
J alan Jelawat Seberang Jaya
13700 Perai,
Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Northern Seberang Perai
Department of Irrigation and Drainage Northern
Seberang Perai
Lahar Ikan Mati
13200 Kepala Batas
Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Southern Seberang Perai
Department of Irrigation and Drainage Southern
Seberang Perai
Kompleks Pejabat Kerajaan,
14200 Jawi,
Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

WaterWatch Penang
10 Brown Road
10350 Penang

Phone:604-228 3306
Fax:604-226 7042

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