Sunday, February 28, 2010

Penang food - friendly food

Nick Vivion from Lonely Planet, visits Penang, Malaysia and finds it to be one of the best food destinations in the world. From savoury to sweet he reckons Penang is a food paradise of epic proportions.

In Penang, there is no lonely planet; you will not be lonely with street food, as your companion will be around, whether in coffee shop, open stall or under the tree. Rain or shine; sitting in the shop or standing in open air. You will not be lonely in Penang.....He may be a stranger initially, but he will be your friends after a round of street food, cofee(kopi) or teh tarik(pulled tea). That is Penang, strangers become friends at the food table, the Chinese kopitiam((coffee shop)table, or Malay warong(traditional hut), or Mamak stall. Penang food become the topic for introduction, and friends.

That is how Lonely Planet found out.....

Bring along your Lonely Planet to Penang. You will not be alone. Penang is a friendly place, where food is around, there will be friends....

In Penang, with Penang food , you will not be alone.

Welcome to Penang, Selamat Datang.

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