Thursday, February 18, 2010

Penang Communication: State affairs

Communication is a process of transferring information from one entity to another, it may be interpersonal, or between organizations, it may be from one person to masses. Communication is commonly defined as "the imparting or interchange of thoughts, opinions, or information by speech, writing, or signs". Although there is such a thing as one-way communication, communication can be perceived better as a two-way process in which there is an exchange and progression of thoughts, feelings or ideas (energy) towards a mutually accepted goal or direction (information).(source: wikipedia)

Politician required mass media to communicate to their supporters; especially opposition government need to have communication channels to communicate their policies to the people. In a hostile communication environment when all mass media are controlled by the rival ruling party, a smart strategy is required.

The internet technology make non-traditional communication channels, like youtube, facebook, blogs, available for controlled communication environment. The opposition or people in controlled environment are able to covey their message to the masses. This is strategic advantage to the communication environment. We do not need to depend on newspaper, Radio, TV, to communicate to desired masses.

Recently there are many controversial issues in state politic, they may have hidden political agenda to topple the state government. The state government need to have official communication policies and strategies to counter the attack on the state government and Chief Minister. Other than through the websites and personal blogs of the Chief Minister; there must be close dialogue with the people, the two way communication and even one way communication will help.

As a C.A.T. government, the element of transparent and disclosure is critical to enable the people from the Penang state to understand the government.

To avoid communication noise or pollution, there must be a spokesman on state policy matter,where the official communication from the state government, not all state exco can disclose or communication on state matter, unless approval is granted by the relevant authority. This is to avoid conflict or wrong information given.

It will be better an arrangement for the Chief Minister to communicate with people once a month, through the Chief Minister meeting with the reporters from mass media, this will enable the people from the state to understand the state policies, plans, events, performance, and conflicts solution rightly disclose to the people. This will avoid the interested parties to use baseless ground to create unnecessary commotion or conflict with the state government. The information on monthly dialogue with the reporters can be transmit to the people by other non-traditional mass media, e.g. state government official web sites, local newspapers, youtubes, Chief Minister and state assemblyman's personal blogs etc

An open communication environment will be created for the Penang state. The malicious local press will not able to take advantage of the innocent people to spread political rumors to spoil the image of state government.

Any defamation on state government should be legally attended to until the culprits is charged in court, to avoid further damage to the state government, and opportunity to create riot or threats to otherwise peaceful people.

The frequent communication to the police is also encourage, this is to create awareness of the police on the state affair; it is also provide a clear recorded documentary evidence, if any interested party is to defame the state government using baseless ground. The police has no excuse not to take action when they know the actual situation of state affair. Police need to be fair and unbiased, otherwise the respect from the people will be missing.

The monthly dialogue by the Chief Minister can have invited guests, other than the reporters. Many people from different background will like to know the state affair.

Hoping that will at least reduce the misunderstanding and avoid unnecessary commotion.

The Penang people need a stable political environment that is constructive and positive. We do not like any communication noise. We do not like the Chief Minister and the state government to be attack unnecessary. The state government is elected by the people, he need to serve all people, not only small group of people. He is the representative of the majority people who voted him, any attack on the Chief Minister senselessly and personally is an attack to the Penang people. There is always a proper channel for the grievance. A respect of democracy is the using of proper channel for conveying the complaints, feedback and views. Any waste of time by state government to tackle baseless accusation, is the waste of people's money, and state government's time.

This will annoy the silence majority. Please do not annoy the majority who are not politically linked, they are clear on the current situation. They may able to act anytime ....they want peace and the right environment for investment and tourism, not to take care of just a small group of people. The street environment need to be clean, we cannot allow hawkers in anywhere of the state; our river need to be clean, the beach need to be clean,for the benefit of the international tourists; the heritage need to be conserved; they do no want corruption; they want transparency, they want public order and secured environment ....there are so much work need to be done, why rock the boat?.... the Penang people want the state government to work for the people, for the benefits of the people; not to waste time to tackle on the baseless accusation.

The opposition need to be constructive and communicate their opposing views with solid base for the benefit of the people, the alternative view of the state policies or the weaknesses of the policies and their implementation. Not malice personality attack. You cannot accuse a person is a communist, without giving evidences to indicate or support your accusation that he is a communist. That is baseless, you need to provide the reason and support with incidents that when he act like a communist.

Please communicate with each others,and be professionally as matured politician....after all we have been independence since 1957, a model for a developing nations. We do not expected our politician to behave unethically. There is always a state assembly for you as representative of people to express your opposing views. Not necessary to hide behind and create unstable environment for political benefit for own self.

Please keep Penang politic clean ..... we are democratic country...for the Penang people, please remember the names of the people who are opportunists, create unnecessary chaotic situation; remember them and their master in the next election, as they have waste our tax money.

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