Monday, January 24, 2011

Hand Shake

Anything wrong with hand shaking?, a simple ritual in which two friendly people grasp one of each other's right hands, and followed with a brief up and down movement of the grasped hands. Hand shaking had become a universally accepted sign of friendship and one's openness to invite a new friend. It has become a modern custom in the world. It is a norm for greeting.

The handshake is initiated when the two hands touch, immediately. It is commonly done upon meeting, greeting, parting, offering congratulations, expressing gratitude, or completing an agreement. In sports or other competitive activities, it is also done as a sign of good sportsmanship. Its purpose is to convey trust, balance, and equality.

A firm hand shake is the beginning of a friendship.

It is considered inappropriate,and an act of unfriendliness for any outright rejection of a handshake when someone offer his hand to you. Unless your right hand is injured . You always use a right hand, unless you are a scout, which shake with a left hand. It is universally a business etiquette , and a political protocol for a statesman.

What is wrong with hand shaking, when recently it become a political issue in Malaysia during the by election.

What you feel when a person reject a friendly hand you offer to him or her? Did you experience the feeling of rejection and disappointment when someone you know shake your hand coldly or reluctant to shake your hand. Some time a person may shake you hand but his/her hand never firmly grasped your hands, some time even one or two fingers is placed within your palm.... your feel that they are rejecting you, your emotion of openness and friendliness. It is very common in Malaysia, but many do not want to touch on the issue due to the sensitive nature it involve, especially it involve someone's belief.

It is the continue of a doctor who refuse to touch a patient; now they refuse to shake your hand; the same justification was involved. it is not involve with medical reason, it is not bacteria in the hands, it is in their head, they believe that they should not shake your hand...

May be my hand is dirty, I need to clean my hand with cleansing solution before I shake their hands, will they still shake my hand?......or should I wear a glove before I shake hand?.

Should Japanese, Korean, and Chinese reject the universally accepted hand shaking as etiquette in business and politic?. We should bow our head to each other, instead of hand shaking. I wonder will the superpowers accept the change?.

The rejection of the hand shaking, to some is a declaration of unfriendliness and even war. In a business meeting, refuse to shake hand, or a loose hand shake indicated insincere or not willing to do business. He will certainly fail to obtain the business from his clients or customers.

A hand shake should be firm to signal the warmth and openness of friendship.

May be we should reject totally hand shaking in Malaysia, since some of our politician or national leaders do not shake hand, or do not like to shake hand. Some shake hand halfheartedly. Some politician and national leaders were force to shake hand to maintain their public image, but privately it is a different picture. Not only politician of one party did not shake hand , but it also include the national leaders and members from the ruling party, government servants, business corporation. It is slowly become a silence norm in the society.

May be it is not the act of hand shaking, it is my hands that is sinful? I use my hand for my private business in toilet; or touch some unholy things, or whatever you imagine that hands can do is the hands that is sinful. We can accepted other shaking, but not hands. The politician who cannot shake hands, may only know how to shake their legs in the offices, and do nothing for the people.....shaking legs is not the custom for greeting, but the custom and norm for the lazy politician.

An election candidate who reject hand shaking of their voters, are actually declaring that he or she is rejecting the people, and he or she is not fit to become a politician and elected representative in democratic election. He or she did not support the spirit of democracy, especially the national spirit of Malaysia, a multiracial and multi-religion country. The said person is not fit to be in politic. He or she is not friendly to the people, and not eligible to be a representative of the people. A politician who cannot shake hand should not be in politic or in the public life, but should continue their living within their own private closet.

We sincerely pray that hand shaking will not be banned by the said politician in the future, if he or she ever become a national leader.....

Hand Shaking become a political issue in election, a sad story for the country, for the democracy and mockery for the One Malaysia propaganda propagated by the national leader.

Hand shaking or shaking hand, is it a sin or crime?...... may be to some people...

A hand shake come from heart, a sign to reflect your heart and act of friendliness and peaceful greeting......salam...a hand shake is a peaceful greeting...

We should promote more hand shake in Penang.....

Congratulation and celebration with a hand shake..... the liberty to shake hand...continue hand shaking....anyone?....

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