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Rev. B. H. Balderstone - Founder of ACS(MBS) Penang

Rev. B. H. Balderstone

1889-1890 Rev. B. H. Balderston was in Singapore for 2 years

1891 MBS, Penang opened by Rev. B. H. Balderston on 28th May 1891 at Carnarvon St, in July Rev. D. D. Moore join the school. Rev. D.D. Moore conducted the first English Evening Service at the Penang Town Hall in July. the Wesley church started with 3 members.

1892 Rev. D. D. Moore open MGS

1893 Rev. B. H. Balderston Return to Canada due to illness

1895 - On 19Feb 1895, it was reported B Hedley Baldereton interred for the deceased Blakeney. in Saint Patrick Parish , Charlotte County, New Brunswick, Canada(source:

1896 - It was in either late 1895 December or early 1896, Rev. B. H. Balderston was the priest that officiated the marriage of MARY ALICE McCOUBREY & JAMES "HERBERT Simpson

The extract of the report was as follow:

"MARY ALICE McCOUBREY 1873: Married JAMES "HERBERT Simpson on 27 Dec 1895 - Jan 1896 by Rev. B. H. Balderston in Prince Edward Island. Buried in Cavendish Presbyterian United Cemetery".

There is another extract:

“Following Dr. Ebenezer Robson, one of the pioneers of Methodism in British Columbia, and those who assisted him, Rev. B.H. Balderstone of Sixth Street Church, North Vancouver held services on Sunday afternoons".

1897 - September 22 1897 Rev B Hedley Baldereton interred for the late John Johnston at in Saint Patrick Parish , Charlotte County, New Brunswick, Canada(

That is the last time we hear of him.....

After 1896, there is no news of him in Canada, where did he go? still in the mission work or ministry a local church?....the 6th Street Church in North Vancouver?

Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island (PEI or P.E.I.; French: Île-du-Prince-Édouard, Scottish Gaelic: Eilean a' Phrionnsa) is a Canadian province consisting of an island of the same name, as well as other islands. The maritime province is the smallest in the nation in both land area and population (excluding the territories). The island has a few other names: "Garden of the Gulf" referring to the pastoral scenery and lush agricultural lands throughout the province; and "Birthplace of Confederation", referring to the Charlottetown Conference in 1864, although PEI did not join the confederation itself until 1873 when it became the seventh Canadian province
Charlottetown is a Canadian city. It is both the largest city on and the provincial capital of Prince Edward Island, and the county seat of Queens County.
1925 - The United Church was founded in 1925 as a merger of four Protestant denominations: the Methodist Church of Canada, the Congregational Union of Ontario and Quebec, two-thirds of the congregations of the Presbyterian Church in Canada, and the Association of Local Union Churches

Penang - Strait Settlement

1891-1893(Anglo Chinese School Penang)

Rev. B. H. Balderston is the pioneer of Methodist Mission who started the ACS(Anglo Chinese School) in Penang; yet we know very little of him. He started the school at a shop house at Carnarvon Street, just opposite the Carnarvon Lane. The school later expanded to 5 shop houses. I believed it must be between Li Teik Siah and the Police Station at Carnarvon Street. It was a tough time, where a white Canadian start a Christian English school at the place which was a Chinese dominated area; a strong traditional Chinese area, and a coffin street. Imagine the cultural conflict and impact on the area....

I do not know whether he can speak the local dialect, Hockkien. If not, There will be communication problem for him.

"The Methodist Boys' School, Penang, known as the Anglo-Chinese School, Penang (ACSP) at its inception, had a humble beginning at a little shop house in Carnavon Street. Its founder, Rev. B. H. Balderstone, a native of Prince Edward Island, came to Penang (then a British Straits Settlement) after nearly two years in Singapore to start on a mission work. Rev. Balderstone opened the school doors on May 28, 1891. Rev. Balderstone was joined by Rev. D. D. Moore, also a Canadian, a few months later to teach in the school. The Moores established the Methodist Girls' School in 1892".

The school started with only one student. What is the name of the student? We really want to know this historical person, who have the courage to take up the challenge, and who is the family?. It was in 1891, still during the Manchu Dynasty or Qing Dynsty, still having pigtail at the back, and the social pressure of accepting the West, their education system of the foreign perils..... what a bold step, and he is the only one, imagine the social pressure he was facing....I am interested to know his name and his background. Anyone can provide the information?....

Due to failing eyesight, Rev. Balderstone was forced to resign on April 10, 1893. The Moores left two years later.

Rev. G. F. Pykett arrived in 1892 to replace Rev. Balderstone. Pykett was born on December 20, 1864 in Lincolnshire, England. He carried out the work of Rev Balderstone, and did it very well. His absolute dedication to the school deservedly earned him the title of founding father of ACSP. He was with ACSP for most of the years from 1892 to 1932.

Anglo Chinese School Penang later moved to Maxwell Road(currently the KOMTAR); and to Air Itam Road(near Suffolk House). It was renamed Methodist Boys' School Penang.

Anyone know more about him? Please help us to complete the missing link about his background and later life in Canada.

This is the words from the web sites of Wesley Church Penang:-

" They will rebuild the ancient ruins and

restore the places long devastated ;they will

renew the ruined cities that have

been devastated for generations "

Isaiah 61:4(NIV)

We will rebuild our history, and let Rev. B. H. Balderstone and many people who have contributed to Penang has a place in Penang history; especially the missionary from the Missionary Schools.

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