Friday, September 16, 2011

Malaysia Day

Today is 16-9-2011, the 48th Malaysia Day.But the first time Malaysia Day and Merdeka Day(Malaysia Independence Day) are celebrated together.

Happy Malaysia Day

My wish is that Malaysia and Malaysian will go forward as Malaysian with open and progressive mind as a global citizen.

No more issue like national hero...

No more Malaysian who are still with mind of Sri Vijaya or Malacca Sultanate era(forget the colonial control either under Protectorate or Crown Colony);

No more Malaysian who are still of Strait Settlement mentality(where some Malaysian are treated more superior than other Malaysian);

No more Malaysian who forget the history of the Japanese occupation(when people from different racial background and political orientation fighting for their home land);

No more Malaysian who are still dreaming in the colonial Malaya era(where the independence of nation has been forgotten, and still fearful of Emergency or communist phobia) ;

No more Malaysian who do not know Sabah and Sarawak(forget that we have fellow Malaysian over the sea);

No more Malaysian who forget about multi-religion( forget to respect the religion of other Malaysian);

No more Malaysian who forget of multi racial background(we may born difference, but having the same home land);

No more historically blind Malaysian; and frequent changes of history in school textbook, when students are blindly feed with wrong historical data;

A more open Malaysian society, where Malaysian will look at issues in different perspectives constructively;

And an open mind Malaysian to accept diversity.....

Undilah Malaysia....

The best gift for Malaysia today is the abolish of Internal Security Act....

Happy Malaysia Day

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