Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bo Lang Chai(Forgotten)

Bo Lang Chai is an effort by the Pusat Komas, a human right NGO to tell the story of a typical Chinese in the Penang Jetty areas. They used the puppets to tell the story. It is must see for all Penang langs and for all visitors to Penang to understand the way of life in the jetty areas in old Penang.

Bo Lang Chai in Hokkien dialect is with the meaning "no body know"; Bo means no, lang means people, and chai means know.

I like the technique of using the modern computer technique to use old photo as background; and the voice presentation was by the Chinese teochew puppet stage drama; a good try and should be follow by the state tourism authority whenever there are any street festival organized by them.

It is a pity the tactic is not used in the Heritage Day, when teochew puppet show was shown in Yen Ching Hotel, Chulia Street. Otherwise, the foreign visitors will understand the story and make a meaningful exploration of Penang heritage.

Penang lang chai..... we have talents but we have not use them....

Bo Lang Chai (Forgotten) from Pusat KOMAS on Vimeo.

Pusat Komas

KOMAS( Pusat Komunikasi Masyarakat) is a human rights organisation that was set up in 1993 to support marginalised grassroot communities and NGOs.They advocate, conduct training and use creative and participatory forms of communication to advance Human Rights. Their current programs include media and facilitation training, resource material production, citizenship and voter education, the Freedom Film Fest and anti-racism workshops. In 2008, KOMAS won the European Grundtvig Award for its programme on Education for Non-discrimination.

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