Friday, November 5, 2010

Rifle Range Flats urban renewal

Finally the results of Rifle Range Penang Malaysia urban renewal design ideas Competition has been announced by the organizers on 4-11-2010. The effort of Penang state government to improve the living condition of the Rifle Range Flats. The said low cost flats had been an eyesore as slum area for a long time, and the previous government was not able to get rid of the image. This is a place where the politician will gather during the election time, any government that can change the place will be a break through for the state, and a new chapter for the residents of Rifle Range Flats. The residents will be thankful for the change and the improvement in their living conditions.

In the Star dated 15-6-2010, State Local Government and Traffic Management Committee chairman Chow Kon Yeow said Penang’s first public low-cost housing project in Air Itam – the Rifle Range flats – will be upgraded under an urban renewal plan to rid it of its slum image. This was indeed a good news for the residents at Rifle Range Flats. The project would kick off the government’s plan for other similar projects in Penang, that is very good for the state, and a positive step for the CAT government, a people centered and people benefited projects.

This international design ideas competition for 'Urban Renewal For Rifle Range, Penang' is jointly organized by the Penang State Government, Penang Municipal Council, Malaysian Institute of Architects (Northern Chapter) and Malaysian Institute of Planners (Northern Branch).The main objective of this competition is to get a creative ideas and practical solution in redeveloping an existing housing area in Rifle Range, Penang into a vibrant, sustainable and well-planned residential and commercial area. The State government hopes that through this exercise, the quality of life of Rifle Range community, in particular, will be significantly improved.

The proposed site is located on lots 1268, 1275-1283, 2022 and 2104, Section 2, George Town, Jalan Padang Tembak, North East District, Penang. It also includes the existing Public Wet Market and Hawker's Centre. The overall site area is approximately 19.0 acres (please refer to the site plan). The neighboring developments surrounding the site are Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Padang Tembak (primary school), DNP textile factory and the head quarters for Penang Water Corporation (PBA).

There are 9 blocks of 17-storey apartments within the site containing 3,663 residential units and 62 shop lots. They were built in 1969. Whereby, the 7 blocks of 4-storey walk-up apartments, owned by the Penang Municipal Council, are located on Lots 2022 and 2104. The total number of residential units is 114 units.

Koi Lik Wai and Wan Jihana Azman of DEAKIN UNIVERSITY AUSTRALIA was the 1st prize winner under the student category. Michael Ong, Cheah Lye Aik, Ang Tok Meng, Abidah Bahrudin, Ho Seng Keen, Lee K Jin from BYG ARCHITECTURE SDN. BHD., Malaysia was the 1st prize winner for the Professionals Category. The Professional category had attracted many entries from oversea.

Now the state government has take the initiative step to change Rifle Range Flats, what will the residents of Rifle Range Flats do? the first is to changed the habit of throwing rubbish everywhere, to maintain the clean image of the resident area, after all this is the home. The residents association should take the steps to educate the residents to change, to make the Rifle Range Flats the home that every one will be proud of .....the change for better.

Thanks to the state government, and the ball is now at the foot of the residents; let us kick it off.........

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