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Herriot Street

Herriot Street

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Herriot Street or Lebuh Herriot is one of the parallel streets after the Prangin Canal, the 8th street. It was shorter than the earlier 7 streets after Prangin Canal, it lies after Lebuh Cecil. It connects McNair Street to Jalan Gurdwara (Brick Kiln Road), and lies between Nanking Road and Sandilands Street.

Herriot Street or Lebuh Herriot was named after Stuart Herriot, British merchant who wrote the petition of the Capitan China, Chung Keng Kwee, and others in 1872, asking for British intervention in Perak after the Larut Riots. The Chinese however called it peh-tiaû-lor(8th street,八條路).

Stuart Herriot was in Penang from 1830s until 1877, when he died in Penang.

Stuart Herriot(1812-1877)

Stuart Herriot (25 April 1812, Swinton & Simprim, Berwickshire – 21 Feb 1885 in Penang, Malaysia) was a Penang trader since the 1830s. Stuart Herriot, of Armenian descent, was born on 25 Apr 1812 in Swinton & Simprim, Berwickshire. He was christened on 5 Jun 1812 in Swinton & Simprim, Berwichshire. He died on 5th May 1877 in Penang, Malaysia. He was buried in Penang.

The ancestral home in Scotland

Berwickshire is a maritime county in the south-east of Scotland, bounded on the north by the German Ocean and the county of Haddington (Eastlothian), on the east and north-east by the German Ocean, on the south by the river Tweed, which separates it from the English county of Northumberland, and on the west and south-west by the counties of Edinburgh (Midlothian) and Roxburgh. The county derives its name from the ancient town of berwick, formerly the county town.

"SWINTON, a parish ,containing a post-office village of its own name, in the Merse district of Berwickshire. It is bounded by Fogo, Edrom, Whitsome, Ladykirk, Coldstream, and Eccles ... The present parish of Swinton comprehends the ancient parishes of Swinton and Simprin, which were united in 1761." from the Imperial Gazetteer of Scotland, edited by John Marius Wilson, 1868.

Swinton is a small village in the Scottish Borders. It is in the former county of Berwickshire, around 5 miles (8.0 km) south-east of Duns, and 3 miles (4.8 km) north-west of the Anglo-Scottish border. A parish church was built and still stands today. In 1843, the Free Church of Swinton was built, but in the 1900s the spire was removed and it became the local village hall.

Here are some figures showing the population through time (for Swinton+Simprim):

* 1755 - 494
* 1791 - 898
* 1801 - 875
* 1811 - 866
* 1821 - 919

Stuart Herriot had been in partnership with a George Stuart, probably a relative of his mother, as Stuart & Company, merchants & agents. This must have failed. In 1850 the Court of Directors of the East India Company discharged Herriot's insolvency. The London Gazette Issue 21149 published on the 1 November 1850. Page 3 of 30 carried the following notice:

East India-House, October 30, 1850.

THE Court of Directors of the East India I Company hereby give notice, that they have received a Calcutta Gazette, containing the undermentioned notice, filed in the Court for the Relief of Insolvent Debtors at Prince of Wales' Island, by Insolvent applying for his discharge, under the provisions of the 11th Victoria, cap. 21 : Stuart Herriot, heretofore trading in copartnership, at Prince of Wales' Island, with one George Stuart (now residing in Europe), as merchants and agents, under the style and-firm of Stuart and Company. Date of Gazette containing notice, September 4, 1850. James C. Melvill, Secretary

The Straits Times, 22 June 1852, Page 3. Page 3, still have advertisement on his business

The Straits Settlements Association
There was also a Penang Branch (formed the 28th April 1868): Chairman, L. Navine ; Committee, J. Allan, A. Gentle, H. J. D. Padday, S. Heriot ; Hon. Secretary,
Stuart Heriot.

Herriot was a literate leader who wrote a petition of Chung Keng Quee & 44 Others, written this 26th day of September, 1872 by Stuart Herriot.

He was a Penang municipal commissioner. Straits Times Overland Journal, 31 December 1873, Page 6 reported that Government Gazette dated 26-12-1873 announced his appointment as Municipal Commissioner in 1874 for 3 years(1874-1876)

He was also one of 10 shareholders of Pinang Gazette. He wrote for the gazette until April 1874, when a legal action was taken against him by the Asst Colonial Surgeon. He has close relationship with the Acheh people, and often write about them.

He passed away. But some said in 1885, the year 1877 was confirmed with evidence from the tombstone and newspaper from Melbourne, Australia.

Stuart Herriot and Catherine Anthony (4 October 1804 in Penang – 4 October 1859 in Penang) were married in Penang, Malaya. Catherine Anthony was daughter of an Armenian, AA Anthony ( AA Anthony is the founder of AA Anthony & Co, established 1840, located at 56, Beach Street, Penang. The partners as at 1877 were Michael Arratoon Anthony and Joseph Manook Anthony(AA Anthony passed away in 1873). The two rich Armenian brothers in Penang, Michael Arratoon Anthony and Joseph Manook Anthony were the close mining partners of the Cheah family. They also became partners in Perak mining companies during the 1860s and 1870s.

The tomb stone found in Northam Road Protestant Cemetery Penang, clearly stated that he passed away on 5th May 1877 in Penang at the age of 65. A picture of his grave can be seen at But some reported he died on 21-2-1885( His wife, Herriot Catherine, who passed away on 4-10-1859 was also buried at the same cemetery. Unless there are two Stuart Herriot during the period in Penang.

In a newspaper The Argus, Melbourne dated 18-9-1877, Tuesday; there was Death announcement that " Stuart Herriot died on 5th June at Penang , East Indies. Stuart Herriot, son of the late Robert Herriot( of Whltsome-hill,Berwickshire, Scotland, and uncle of Francis Herriot(b 1836 - d 1923) of this city". (source: Whitsome is a small rural parish on the Border between Scotland and England, in Berwickshire, Scotland, close to Swinton, birth place of Stuart Herriot. This confirmed the actual date of death may be close to 5-5-1877, the date in the tombstone at the Northam Road Protestant Cemetery Penang. The error was in the month(June vs May), and the year should be confirmed 1877.

The family

Stuart Herriot is the descendants of John (Very Auld Yin) HERRIOT, he is the 6th generation.

Robert HERRIOT(T)+ was born on 29 May 1781 in Fogo. He died on 28 Aug 1831 in Whitsome Hill. He was a farmer, tenant of Whitsome Hill. He changed his name in protest to HERRIOTT after brother Alexander inherited, as did his father(James Herrriot b 1759-d 1832, Robert was the 2nd son of James Herriot).

Robert HERRIOT(T)+ and Barbara STUART were married on 12 Apr 1808 in Whitsome & Hilton, Berwickshire. Barbara STUART (daughter of James STUART) was born in 1790 in "Raecleuch", Berwickshire. She died in 1852 in "Lamden". Robert HERRIOT(T)+ and Barbara STUART had the following children:

+44 James(8) HERRIOT(b 1810- d1905),born in Swinton & Simprim, BerwichshireHe emigrated from UK to Assam. Frances Louisa Classon IRVINE+ were married on 17 Jul 1835. Frances Louisa Classon IRVINE+ (daughter of Col. William IRVINE+ and Matilda) was born in 1807 in UK. Wife & family left him in 1853, going to Adelaide, S. Australia(Adelaide was found in 1836 by Capt Francis Light's son, Colonel William Light). She immigrated on 23 Jul 1853 to Adelaide from Calcutta (clipper"Frances Henty") "and family". She died on 20 Mar 1887 in Gilles Plains, Adelaide, S. Australia at home. She was living in Kensington, Gilles Plains. Her parental family were present in Adelaide and Tasmania. Father of Francis Herriot, Melbourne/Adelaide. Australia.

+45 Stuart HERRIOT( b 1812- d 1877).Born in Swinton & Simprim, Berwickshire

46 Robert(3) HERRIOT(b 1813 - d?) was born on 21 Nov 1813 in Swinton Hill, Berwickshire. He was christened on 24 Dec 1813 in Swinton.

+47 Agnes Scott HERRIOT(1815-1892).

+48 John(5) HERRIOT(1817-1866).

49 Janet Thomson HERRIOT(b 1820 d?) was christened on 19 Feb 1820 in Swinton & Simprim, Berwickshire. She was born in 1820. She died ?infant.

50 Barbara SCOTT HERRIOT(b 1821-d ?) was born on 21 Oct 1821 in Swinton Hill, Berwickshire. She died ?infant.

+51 Robert(1) HERRIOT(b 1823-d 1865).

+52 Catherine Selby HERRIOT(b 1825- d 1895).

53 Mary Ann Margaret(b 1828 - d?) HERRIOT was born on 23 Jan 1828 in Swinton Hill, Berwickshire.

54 Janet Morrison HERRIOT.

+55 Kate HERRIOT(b 1831 - d ?).


Catherine died on 4 Oct 1859(age 26 years). She was buried on 6 Oct 1859 in St George Church, Bishop street, Penang(now demolished), and the remains had been exhumed and buried in the mass grave of Western Cemetery, Penang.

Arratoon Road(二條暗路) between Burma Road and Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah(formerly Northam Road) was named after Arratoon Anthony(d 1863) (also written Arathoon and Aratoon). Arratoon Anthony had arrived in Penang in 1819. The Anthonys were among the Armenian diaspora that settled in Shiraz in Persia, and then moved to Bombay and Calcutta before coming to Penang. Some of them have moved to Singapore and Australia.

His son A.A. Anthony(d 1873), father in law of Stuart Herriot, was the Armenian merchant who founded the A.A. Anthony Co. in 1830. The company dealt in shipping and insurance, and securities was one of the company's many businesses. The stockbroking business of A.A. Anthony Securities is still around today, although it has been bought over by others. Anthony Anthony Arratoon( d1873), the father in law passed away 06/12/1873 in Penang.

Mrs AA Anthony,mother-in law, Mariamjan, who died on 7-5-1890(73 years) was also buried at Northam Road Cemetery, Penang.

Many of his family members are buried at the Northam Road Protestant Cemetery.
Two of the brother in law, sons of AA Antony were buried at Northam Road Cemetery, Penang:-
(i) Michael Antony Arratoon(b 2-8-1841 Calcutta - d 15-7-1878 Penang). eldest son
(ii)Seth Antony(died 20th Nov 1895, aged 45 years), forth son

The son of Stuart Herriot, Stuart Robert Anthony Herriot died on 21-2-1885 at young age of 25. He was buried at Northam Road Cemetery, Penang.

Harriot Street in Penang was named after Stuart Herriot.

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