Sunday, January 1, 2012

情感聯絡站 咖啡烏 (Kopi-0) - 巫啟賢

A song of kopi-o(or black coffee, commonly known in Penang), Malaysian popular beverage...Kopitiam(coffee shop), the earliest social media of the past, the facebook of the old generation, for Malaysian, for Penang ....

Multi-millionaire Loh Boon Siew was not able to write or type, or use computer; there was no facebook; but the kopitiam was his facebook, he obtained his latest information from kopitiam, making his strategy in kopitiam, he has his social network in kopitiam. His sense of business is from kopitiam....and a cup of kopi-o.

If you do not believe, just visit the kopitiam at Hutton Lane, Penang; may be your ideas of making the first million will be from this kopitiam too....

Remember Kopitiam, the facebook of the old generation..... and remember to drink a cup of black coffe or kopitiam..

What a blessing in Penang to have that old living heritage, kopitiam still around....

在這個你我熟悉的地方 有著你我喜歡吃的早餐
咖啡店的老板 他們的笑容都是一個模樣
在這個你我熟悉的地方 有著你我熟悉的臉龐

喝一杯濃濃的咖啡 談一談自己的方向 
三兩個朋友都來喝一杯 無形中又把距離給縮短
道路上車輛橫衝又直闖 十字路口誰都在徬徨 
你看不清你自己 也算是平常

Kopi O Kopi O 喝一杯濃濃的Kopi O
Kopi O Kopi O 把不愉快的事情都遺忘

在這個你我生活的地方 有著我們共同的理想
讓腳步匆匆又忙忙 一齊把明天開創

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